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Lesbian Diary
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In the last few years, the phenomenon surrounding so-called 'pick-up artists' in the west has reached a fever pitch with everything from self-help videos on streaming net sites to boot camps that help convert those so-called 'average frustrated chumps' who are not lucky in the girls department into slightly more respectable, attractive people--and there even have been prime time television shows that take this concept to lavishly outdone levels! Japan also has its fair share of pick-up and the tradition has existed for many years. In fact, modern pick-up in Japan known as 'nanpa' has been around for decades and various examples of it in action can be seen in other video entries here.

Reverse nanpa—that is, a girl picking up a guy also occurs and today something similar happens. However, what we will soon see is that rather than being more than about a simple one-night stand between two feisty amorous lovers—something magical will occur here...or at least that's the way it seems...

Meet Mayuko, a third year college student at a very highly ranked Japanese university who has a lot of free time on her hands. You see, in Japan it's widely known fact that for most universities and most—but not all—disciplines, getting into the schools via rigorous, monotonous, almost sadomasochistic entrance exams take up the bulk of the preparation for the four year journey from young adult to a mature person ready to enter the grinding wheels of the Japanese workforce. Thus, for many students, the four years in college are seen as a welcome break from the incredibly structured routine that is high school and the virtual slavery that is working as a 'hirashain'--a full-time employee at the bottom of the pecking order.

Suffering from this dreary ennui, Mayuko who never had a boyfriend (and her friends always brought this up behind her back eternally wondering what the true reason is) developed something of a kinky hobby—a passion really. For the last year or so, acting on her hidden bisexual desires, this Japanese third-year student has become somewhat of a professional in taking insecure freshman schoolgirls under wing and preaching to them the support and aid that only a caring upperclassman can provide (which is usually true) but in reality, is slowly but surely using her finely honed acumen to sway this indecisive-about-life naïve schoolgirl to play for the 'other team'--in other words, convert them to Mayuko's sexual lesbian plaything.

Today, Mayuko, a certified Japanese love succubus, has picked a new target: a cute incoming freshman straight out of the green tea farmlands of Shizuoka and she ensorcells her lesbianism onto this unsuspecting innocent Japanese schoolgirl faster than a shoe shiner in any east coast airport can clean a pair of flat black leather dress footwear. After some sweet and charming small talk in an empty classroom with playful, convivial touching when and where it counts most, a kiss is granted and from that chaste bisexual spark, the full delights of kinky Japanese lesbian foreplay erupt. In a blink of an eye, this shy incoming student's skirt has mysteriously disappeared leaving her lower body—smooth pale legs and unshaven bush (it's the style!) exposed for Mayuko's skilled tongue. From the first lick onward, a heavenly virgin lesbian foreplay event commences and keeps going and going until moments before the next batch of open-minded Japanese college students enters for the following lecture.

The fun continues to a full blown lesbian love fest later on with the two fresh bisexual Japanese lovers renting out a room in a love hotel for a few hours and here we see both lose any remaining schoolgirl innocence. With the guiding hand of exuberant experience from Mayuko, important life lessons are taught with a licentious passion leaving her 'fresh' target a more mature, outgoing person ready to take anything in. From instructing her about all the fun ways two Japanese girls can pleasure each other without the need of a male companion who truly knows nothing about their complex bodies to showing her some of the more obscure pleasurable positions that two learned lesbian lovers can perform on each other, the education of this converted freshman Japanese schoolgirl reaches her very own fever pitch.

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