Nanako Takeuchi - The Secret Double Life of My Tutor

It Could Happen.


Nanako Takeuchi - The Secret Double Life of My Tutor
with English Subtitles


Nanako Takeuchi, beautiful in every way, makes a living by tutoring potential university students on ways to defeat those nefariously difficult entrance exams.  Her looks sometimes get the best of her students who concentrate more on their gorgeous tutor than acing the exams that’ll mark one of life’s largest leaps into becoming an adult.

One such student of hers could not separate his love from his studies and decided to pen her a love letter.  In it was his confession of true love and his desire to remain forever with her.  So valuable was this letter that late at night he personally delivered it to her home—by covertly following her after their session ended.

After buzzing her speaker anticipating the start of something beautiful, he’s greeted instead with the gruff and business-like male voice asking him which course he would like to select.

Yes folks, it turns out Nanako Takeuchi, beautiful tutor, also is Nanako-chan, an in-demand in-house prostitute.  Her supposed apartment?  A fashion health brothel!  Then and there, he makes a decision that shows just why it isn’t always a bad thing when a “hot teacher” and her young and eager virgin student have sex.

-Translated and touched up blurb for today's update.

NANAKO TAKEUCHI, the star of today's update via DREAMROOM, is one of those JAV stars who you'd think would have stuck around, gotten insanely famous, and then maybe...*maybe* after a few years decide to retire.  I mean in an industry where looks and personality count, she's got both down solid:  a natural tan, a beautiful face, and a thin yet extremely feminine body that's near perfect.

Nevertheless, she had an extremely short-lived career and sadly there are oh so few titles to her name (and take it as you will:  most like this one are uncensored!).  In my book at least, she's a natural beauty who vanished way too soon.  You can almost, but maybe not quite, compare her to ERIKA MOMOTANI though the latter was signed from the get-go to a big domestic studio and had popularity so quick and so fierce that rumors hint at her suddenly retiring not due to fame fatigue, but a pesky stalker.

Although DREAMROOM titles err on the side of straight-forward play, THE SECRET DOUBLE LIFE OF MY TUTOR, bucked the trend...slightly.  Of course being an adult video title, it's mainly focused on sex.  You can't avoid that.  However, there is the semblance of a story and it's a unique one (read the top of this review to get a rundown).

I'm sure there's an element of truth in this title too.  Being a tutor doesn't pay that much--in fact, a lot of these entry-level jobs in Japan offer poor pay, but if you're a woman with looks on your side, you can work hard at advancing in your chosen vocation while also doing some 'odd gigs' at night.  The brothel industry in big cities is gargantuan and thankfully it's still possible to remain somewhat anonymous.  Many brothel websites may show their 'cast lists', but more often than not, faces may be slightly blurred so the chances of being caught by a loved one, a friend, or even a coworker remain nil (though there have been many a JAV title that are based on that dreaded fantasy come to life).

I can't really say anything negative about this title; really, I hate bringing up negative points about any movie, but nothing's perfect.  THE SECRET LIFE OF MY DOUBLE TUTOR is all-around a fun, though slightly short flick.  It covers a lot of bases and is one of the first movies we're showing in quite awhile that really push the 'fude-orosi' theme ('fude-oroshi' or '筆下ろし' are JAV titles that feature older, experienced women teaching virgins the ropes).

It's probably safe to say that pretty much anyone will enjoy this update.  I sure did and I know you will too.

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