The Secret Prison 3

The True Cost of Freedom


The Secret Prison 3
Part Three with English Subtitles
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The final chapter in Kaoru Adachi’s Secret Prison trilogy!

An attempted breakout was fruitless as Miharu Kai’s inmate was swiftly brought back.  There, interrogations fierce and sexual were carried out to dampen any future attempts; most notably the use of a special ridged wooden bench that was used in a way only those with the most twisted S&M desires could conjure.

These interrogations may have muted Miharu’s inmates from escaping, but not her!  An another attempt was only a matter of time and the best way to go about is simple seduction of a warden.  But could this be enough for freedom?  Could simply letting a guard have his way with her complete with nakadashi sex grant this meager request?

Miharu’s not the only one with this idea and rivalry forms as to who can seduce who.  Will anyone from the Secret Prison ever escape?  Has fate made a decision?!

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