Erotic TV Shopping Channel

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Erotic TV Shopping Channel
with English Subtitles


“We've a world of perverted yet practical items to showcase for you!  You’ll find yourself finding yourself reaching for your wallet in record time!  For things you couldn't even imagine needing!

For example, how about this special detergent meant to be used directly on the big breasts of beautiful women?  It’s a top seller, you know!

What about a container that’s sole purpose is to collect certain types of ‘feminine’ squirting...the type a woman may emit after direct stimulation.  Yes, we even are selling shiofuki cleaning supplies!

And then...the energy drink that’ll make your partner go crazy with lust!

But wait!  There’s more…!”

It's about darn time we put up a movie that puts the Z back in "bizarre Japanese AV" and what better movie than V&R's EROTIC TV SHOPPING CHANNEL?  If you've ever seen home shopping network-type channels, then you probably already know what to expect.  The concept of C-list actors trying to sell the same thing over 15-30 minutes with pricing and other information taking up the corner of the screen is now a global concept and Japan with its dangerously increasing population of idle seniors with money to burn make prime targets for domestic shopping exploitment!

Of course the weird TV network that aired this show probably did not have seniors in mind; no, not at all!  Most likely their target were younger men looking for something unique and audacious...then again, there was the Cool Biz Suits scene that was pretty much targeted to company owners looking to upgrade the wardrobe of their female employees.

That Cool Biz scene was my favorite.  Can you imagine seeing that coworker you've always lusted after walking around in public totally exposed?  'Free use' is taken to a new extreme during some of the 'reality' scenes showing the 95% naked office woman walking around, riding elevators, and more happily being groped with a confused smile on her face!

EROTIC TV SHOPPING CHANNEL is one of those zany titles that features a whole ton of goodness and I can honestly say there's really nothing of note to nitpick about.  I mean sure, Narusawa, the male host, is not the best-looking guy out there, but I give him credit for playing his part well.  He also had some pretty funny lines that we took great effort in keeping the translations humorous.  His co-host, Katou-san, is an absolute knockout.  What she lacks in cup size she makes up for in an absolutely beautiful face and a very tight body.

I can go on and on and sum up each of the items they sold, but that may ruin some of the experience.  EROTIC TV SHOPPING CHANNEL really is a great title that has play for pretty much anyone.  Even the last scene with the energy drinks turns into a threesome with light lesbian elements ('light' in a similar way as this update from earlier this year).  The female cast all had their charms and the variety of body types is a boon for all those home viewers--you!--pleasuring yourself while contemplating making an order.

After all, wouldn't you want to get a blowjob-oriented tongue scraper?  Or how about a special type of cleaning agent used on breasts to clean....just about anything?  Then there's those aforementioned Cool Biz Suits, and the...


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