The Immoral Nakadashi Game with Mona Takei

Nakadashi Bareback Sex Again and Again


The Immoral Nakadashi Game with Mona Takei
with English Subtitles


One thing we've noticed is that modern uncensored Japanese AV is *huge* on filming sans condoms along with nakadashi finishes.  We've been spoiled by this in some ways.  It was actually well over a year ago if not longer that we knew about production companies within Japan that also produced titles based on pure and natural bareback sex as major selling points, but hey, uncensored is better, right?

Not always.  Definitely not always.

Granted, there always has been rumors of shenanigans with censored studios relying on mosaic to fake creampies.  It's true.  It's happened, happens now, and probably will keep on happening well into the future.  Camera cut-aways are common as well:  you'll have an (un)lucky AD tasked with rubbing in some semen-like liquid into the gaping actresses before the actor goes back in and fakes his orgasm.

Nobody likes it when fakery is discovered.  Fans rebel.  Even going back to the mid 2000's, there have been production companies within Japan who wanted no part in this deceitful nonsense.  In spite of self-regulated censorship application (aka 'mosaic'), they wanted to keep things real and natural.  Some companies would occasionally push out titles that make note of authentic nakadashi finishes while others such as the production company behind today's update, made it their mantra.

At MOBSTERS, their never-ending mission statement for all titles is:

*100% Real Nakadashi
*No Condoms
*No Fakery!

And by gosh, it's no lie!  When we were first introduced to them, we still weren't sold yet.  As mentioned earlier, uncensored already does this and we do sometimes update with titles that feature it, but upon closer inspection after receiving a few sample discs from them, the differences are astonishing:

MOBSTERS may be a domestic studio that pushes out physical releases on DVDs so the resolution is SD-sized, but the picture quality is fantastic.  One of our issues with many uncensored titles is that things frequently are too sharp and almost too much attention is put on gaping vaginas full of cum.  It's nice and all, but we don't need to have the screen full of them at all times.

Humor and zaniness also are big factors.  MOBSTERS in spite of its semi-serious sounding name is big on 'kikaku'--or 'planning' titles--that feature the weird themes Japanese AV is known for.  There may be some multiple men versus one woman group sex, but the scenes are not as serious as uncensored titles and we mean this in a majorly good way.  Focusing purely on sex is great and all, but sometimes having fun while doing something naughty can be equally, if not more rewarding.

Oh, and on that 'kikaku' note, MOBSTERS also has produced many a title building on a 'game' theme which is something we know MANY subscribers at ZENRA want to see more of and today we're proud to deliver on that request.

Today marks the first of our continued showcase of titles by them and it's a superb game-themed released aptly called THE IMMORAL NAKADASHI GAME with MONA TAKEI.

Admittedly before working on the English subtitling of this title, we did not know much about MONA.  Heck, at first glance we'd mark her off as pretty, but not show-stopping.  However, the more we spent time with her in this fun and salacious 120 minute title, the more we grew to like her.  She has a very grounded personality and plays the straight-man (or woman) in the funky nakadashi game theme MOBSTERS has created.

AV stars sometimes are known to take on highly submissive or once in a moon extremely dominant ones, but here we have MONA TAKEI doing something that's almost smack dab in the middle.  Her reactions may on one hand appear submissive, but given the light-hearted theme of this title including the final hour-long group sex party, her independent streak shines through.  Later on she even gives the actors a crash course on her favorite sexual position which we can only describe as a weird combination of missionary style, leg planting, and arm stretching.

She's also big on alternative word usage and made many mentions to actors poking her uterus during the frequent bouts of bareback sex.  Also apparently pushing down on it from above seems to make her orgasm even harder.  She's a strange one, but we really, really like her.  Going by her Twitter, she's a big fan of English and the west so adventurous fans may consider tweeting her some kind encouragement to star in more titles.  As of writing this, she's on a kinda sorta mini-break.

We avoided going into much detail about the nuts and bolts of THE IMMORAL NAKADASHI GAME.  We feel the stills to the left of this do an even better job.  This is a great title and although it is a censored one all about bareback play, the mosaic was surprisingly thin for such a recent title.  Nowadays mosaic is getting thicker (again...) so seeing a studio like MOBSTERS take even more risks is a pleasant change.  The NAKADASHI GAME series of movies so far numbers 6 and we have licensed them all plus a few more from their huge library of work (and we'll license *many* more if the prove popular!).  Expect continued showcasing of these amusing movies that sometimes feature some very well known names, faces, and cum-filled...

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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