Chiharu Miyashita and Hikari Sakamoto - Together Forever

Two Japanese Schoolgirls and Their Master

Chiharu Miyashita and Hikari Sakamoto - Together Forever
with English Subtitles


It’s a fantasy that keeps on giving!  Two Japanese schoolgirls and you!  One hotel room with endless possibilities!  Anything and everything’s on the table in this salacious adventure.  

Start soft with lightly bound schoolgirls Chiharu Miyashita and her BFF Hikari Sakamoto.  They’re blindfolded too, but their tongues are out and they’re deliriously horny!  They want sex more than life itself!  They want to breathe in your pheromones as if they contained the elixir to supernal living!  They’re already gushing love juice at rates surpassing all the world’s great waterfalls yet they still can’t get enough!  They want you and they want you BAD!

Take out your toys—all of them!  Pleasure them one at a time or together!  Let them return the favor.  Let them suck you.  Let them do it...together!  Let them lick your shaft, your balls, your taint, and yes, even your anus!  It’s all on the table in this celestial threesome for you on this very special night.

Take your dick and shove it in their mouths!  Irrumatio, the unmentionable cousin of the standard blowjob happens not once, but again and again!  Thrust after thrust until YOU advance to even more perverse types of play.  They both drool in anticipation of what’s soon to come unable to hide their lust!  Their desires are naked to you and cannot be quenched until the final act is carried out!

Jam it in them!  Between the legs!  Take turns!  Back to back!  You’re in charge and you’ve two eager Disciples of the Shaft with legs spread eager for ‘education’.  Sibling rivalry of an erotic kind soon starts as you’ve only one dick available and while you’re engaging in thrusting into one, the other furiously licks your shaft and her friend as well.  A slovenly bitch in heat barely unleashed and dying for her time to shine!  You deliver when YOU see fit and you make it count!

Thrust!  Thrust!  Push!  Advance without regard for decency!  Advance without regards for protection!  Finish inside one!  Have her friend siphon it out!  Let Buddha sort them out!

-Translated and touched up blurb for today’s update.

TOGETHER FOREVER is one of those titles that arrived, didn't really break any new ground, but will forever leave its mark.  What I'm implying is that it's good.  DREAMROOM done right with this one.  First and foremost in a rarity for this gargantuan maker of uncensored JAV, it's a threesome title of a MFF variety.  In other words, rather than multiple gruff actors clocking in cumshots while a sole JAV actress remains in the middle moaning to the oldies, it's one very lucky brusque actor (seriously, he did a good job) having a prurient time with two deliriously horny schoolgirls played by CHIHARU MIYASHITA and her bestest friend HIKARI SAKAMOTO.

Now don't worry if these two names don't ring a bell.  If I said I had even a passing familiarity with either before working on TOGETHER FOREVER, I'd be a no good liar.  Going by their bios, they aren't total amateurs, but their outputs weren't that expansive either.  Both did a bit on top of today's update with DREAMROOM and even starred in various censored released as well.  With the latter, it was mainly in group productions though both had a few titles where they were the sole stars.  Nevertheless, both never became well-known JAV star names and only stuck around for a short while.

As we've noticed with many of our past updates, at least with ZENRA subscribers, what is most important about a title is not who stars in it, not when it was made, but what it is about.  Bonus points of course for good picture and sound quality and although I've been critical of occasional shoddy production values in uncensored JAV, TOGETHER FOREVER came out pretty well.  This title lacks a story though it doesn't try to hide it.  It may not be super slick and smooth, but I feel like an editor did have a decent amount of time to turn it into a respectable release.

I'm also elated to say that not only is this a MFF threesome release, it also features light lesbian play throughout its action-packed, but somewhat brief 65 minute runtime.  Don't expect extended carpet munching scissoring marathons, but kissing, nipple licking, and even some cunnilingus happens.  I can't say whether this was agreed upon beforehand or just spur of the moment, but it happened, it was recorded, and it's pretty darn good.

The 'master' in TOGETHER FOREVER is one lucky guy.  Two girls and him in a love hotel for an all-out sexual free-for-all.  He does what he wants and they're all too happy to serve.  They take arousal to its utmost limit as does he when he not only finishes inside, but instructs the 'unlucky' one to siphon out the cum in a delightful post-coitus lesbian cunnilingus dare gone very right.  These types of titles done sans mosaic are pretty rare so watching this one is worth your time.

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