Rio Aihara - Smile Kiss

Camp at its Peak

Rio Aihara - Smile Kiss
with English Subtitles


The few and the brave who read through some of our reviews at ZENRA may notice we often lament about the loss of camp in JAV.  Once upon a time regardless of maker, you'd have titles that injected humor and goofiness in them.  Sometimes it may fall flat and sometimes it may actually work out so well you'd be caught laughing rather than stroking.  Nowadays, due to many reasons, studios are focused on the bottom line.  Even long-operating ones that may have once upon at time churned out more 'unique' works now stick to safer themes--themes that are guaranteed to sell.  It's the state of affairs and the optimist in me believes we may see the pendulum swing back to camp sometime soon.

Beyond lamenting which is something I can do easier now that I'm older, it's time to zoom in on today's rather special update by GUTS.  RIO AIHARA - SMILE KISS is the third and most likely final title from the 'SMILE KISS' series we'll be showing because that's apparently all that were made.  Long-time ZENRA fans may have some familiarity with SMILE KISS as we showed the two previous ones starring MIKO HAYAMA and MIYUKI HOURAI a few years ago.  RIO's does not necessarily bring anything new to the table though some things are switched up.

Most notably, this time the two 'brothers' in funny outfits (hello Pink Lord!) are absent, but we do get THE GOKKUN BOYS.  Bizarre elongated sex toy play is switched with some gokkun.  I can't speak for you, but I'm fine with extra cumshots in my JAV.

RIO AIHARA reminds me a lot of MIKO HAYAMA.  While MIYUKI HOURAI gave off a slight 'bad girl who smokes on breaks' vibe, both RIO and MIKO definitely are both naughty in bed, but still maintain a pure aura.  I'll forever rank MIKO HAYAMA at the top as I may not be an uber fan, but an older fan of JAV like myself has been fond of her for many years whereas I only discovered RIO AIHARA and her criminally short career with this title.

JAV like SMILE KISS from the early 2000's is a crap shoot when it comes to mosaic.  You're either going to get 90's huge block-like remnants or insanely risky goodness.  FORTUNATELY, the latter's what's in store and I'm pleased to write that while private parts are obscured, the level of pixelation is incredibly low.  There are many close-ups where the mosaic is thin enough you can still make out RIO's very cute and throbbing clitoris.  Very, very little is left to the imagination.

Nowadays titles run longer and longer and a movie that barely tiptoes past an hour may raise some eyebrows, but I promise you what you get in SMILE KISS is a surprising amount of great footage with unnecessarily buildups left on the cutting room floor.  What's more, there's an extra ten minutes of behind-the-scenes footage at the end that those into actual JAV production may find interesting.  So stay for the lovely low pixelation extremely bright and colorful sex, but remain for some rarely seen production footage.  A win-win for classic JAV fans and lovers of naughty youth.

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