Playing From Behind 2

For Japanese AV Butt Lovers.


Playing From Behind 2
with English Subtitles

There's tit guys and ass guys and this author definitely belongs to the latter category.  OK, now tits aren't "bad" by any means.  Just look at someone like RURI SAIJOU or SAAYA TAKAZAWA and you'll some some fine examples (with SAAYA being spectacular on both ends!).  The thing is, when you part a fine pair of breasts, there's nothing but bone.  BORING!  With a glorious big and soft derriere, parting the heavens given you access to yet another playtoy:  the wrinkled, yet soft and giving anus of a demure Japanese woman.

'Demure' does not necessarily apply to the two women taking part in PLAYING FROM BEHIND 2.  Both HIDEMI CHAKI and MANA IIZUKA definitely come off as 'bad girls'.  I'd almost call them gyaru but neither has the tan that was major requirement for women of this caliber back when this title was originally filmed.  They're far from innocent so if you're eager to see a butt-centric JAV release focusing on exploiting the backdoors of embarrassed Japanese women, you may need to keep on looking.

PLAYING FROM BEHIND 2 continues in the footsteps of its predecessor with a lot of butt play brought to you by women who definitely were the classroom delinquents and advanced grades more due to Japan's insistence of ensuring nobody gets left back in lieu of even a modicum of book smarts.  Anyway, both have great butts and are eager to show them.

The final scene is notable in that it's a foursome encounter featuring not only anal sex, but some real double penetration.  Back when this title was produced, DP was still rather nascent.  The gymnastics alone are enough to put me off from ever trying it, but it does seem to be a rather economical way for two men to have sex with one woman simultaneously.  The actress also seemed to love it given how loud her orgasms were.  You may need headphones for this encounter!

There isn't too much more to say about PLAYING FROM BEHIND 2.  It's light on dialog (our subtitlers need breaks sometimes!) and heavy on butt worship.  As a butt lover, I know what I'll be watching after writing this.

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