Kyouko Maki Uncensored Beach Dalliance

Busty Japanese AV Star Outdoor Oceanside Romance with Subtitles


Kyouko Maki Harum Scarum Beachside Dalliance Uncensored
with English Subtitles

Be it her sloe eyes or her well-honed facial expressions, Kyouko Maki sure knows how to express passion. She really is a natural at it and even in the most daring situations, her carnal prowess sensually saunters to center stage without the slightest hint of embarrassment. Nowadays with stricter laws in Japan regarding public indecency, finding AV actresses and actor willing to do the deed of deeds outside under the blue sky in an area that is almost certainly not private is akin to finding a diamond in a haystack.

Kyouko (or Kyoko depending on how you chose to romanize it) Maki stars in a rare uncensored oceanside production centering around a very amorous vacation--at least that's how the first scene plays out. Being the height of the summer season in Japan, the nostalgic feeling of the endless susurration of ocean waves may be calming for some, but she and and her beau opt to spend their time being intimate with each other in a hotel room. There, with the aid of a camcorder, a cozy scene shot entirely POV shows a scantily dressed and soon to be topless Kyoko pleasuring her boyfriend. The first scene, short as it may be, is all about her giving in lieu of receiving and with her magnificently large breasts--bakunyuu or 'explosion breasts' as they're called in Japanese--there is nothing to complain about except for its brevity.

This Japanese AV beach-side production flip-flops from indoor to outdoor settings for a total of four scenes. The first scene was a private hotel respite between busty AV star and her lover, and the next scene is as daring as they come with Kyouko Maki spending a good thirty minutes outside in a state of total undress as she puts herself through a smorgasbord of professional coitus positions with the famous Jun Odagita. Jun is a suave AV actor who has had the fortune of starring in an impressive number of productions and knows just how long to take things before emptying his pleasure into or onto his female partner. He also has asthma so pardon the wheezing.

Kyouko Maki and Jun's oceanside tryst was one of the most beautifully shot naked couplings in recent memory. Aside from a short moment where an ill-timed cloud blocked the sun, the scene was limned in gold from the beginning all the way to the final moments complete with an authentic nakadashi finish. It also displayed the type of jaw-droppingly impressive fortitude that both top-heavy AV star and actor are capable of via their nearly nonstop twenty minutes of push-push intercourse featuring some eye candy positions that were without doubt not that comfortable to perform.

Being in charge is the aura Kyouko Maki frequently emanates. Perhaps it's due to her stern and traditional sable hair in an era where most women her age opt to color it or her previously mentioned sloe eyes, but the tables are turned in the third scene that acts as the polar opposite of her one-sided hotel romp from earlier. Here, being obsequious reigns supreme as Kyouko Maki is shown in a micro string bikini that soon vanishes entirely as she is teased first with fingers and then with a lascivious combination of vibrators and dildos. Her desire for an orgasm is intense, but repeatedly declined and even partway through when she is given total control of her pleasure, obliges her off-screen paramour by delaying reaching extremis for as long as possible.

It's somewhat of a mystery as to where in Japan they filmed the two bouts of beach coitus. Most likely it was somewhere popular with tourists given the idyll backdrop, but was done early in the season--possibly in April or May when the weather still was chill and if that was the case, major props must be given to all the people stepping in front of the camera and stripping down because the Polar Bear Club does not have a Japanese branch.

The final scene shows Kyouko Maki wearing just a single layer--a full length skirt/t-shirt combo with the words 'Bad Girl' complete with black bat logo that does little to hide her massive chest. It's soon stripped and she ends up standing with a slightly embarrassed flush on her sumptuously pale body as the sole nudist visitor at a real Japanese beach. She's joined soon enough by two quite aroused gentleman and an impromptu oceanside threesome occurs.

Aside from the last scene, the ocean threesome, dialog was surprisingly heavy for such a straight-forward production and fortunately it's all subtitled in English completely and accurately. Watch knowing just how embarrassed a mosaic-free Kyouko Maki feels when strolling across crystalline, sparkling sand in her birthday suit along with just how badly she wants to get off when simultaneously teased with multiple adult novelty toys

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