Advertising Agency Employee Indecent Proposal

Beyond Cute Japanese Amateur Wants a New Job!


Advertising Agency Employee Indecent Proposal
with English Subtitles


They say Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities on the planet, but this is not entirely an accurate statement.  Granted, if you're visiting from a country where the cost of living is severely lower, then yea, bring a full wallet.  However, compared to other developed nations, things aren't too expensive in Tokyo--let alone Japan as a whole.

The problem with the prices of living in a place like Tokyo is less about being an out-of-towner and more about being a young person with gainful employment trying to scrape by.  With salaries essentially unchanged for decades for those working full-time at jobs that demand some type of skill-set, the pay is truly bullocks.  Factoring in 'mandatory' overtime, your average twenty-something with a salaried job is barely making minimum wage (about $8USD an hour).

This puts many of Japan's youth--the so-called future of the nation--in dire straits.  Dependent forever on their parents, living at home or in cramped and over-priced apartments, their marriage prospects are dire.  They want to make more money to have a better life, but viable options for most are non-existent.

However, there are still ways to generate more income than the scant starting salaries eager college grads receive.  If you're a cute female with a liberating view about one's body for example.  You can get rather far in life if you're free with 'yourself'.  You know, if you don't mind doing things best done in private with a lover...or with a prospective employer or boss.

We call it 'sleeping up the corporate ladder' and that's exactly what the amateur in today's release at ZENRA, ADVERTISING AGENCY EMPLOYEE INDECENT PROPOSAL, does.

And yes, the amateur in this title does not provide her name.  All we have on file is her real name and we can't give that out so our apologies if you want to see more titles with her (assuming she did make more).  We're in the same boat and if anyone reading this has more information, please contact us right away.

The young Japanese woman starring in this release is incredibly cute.  We really mean it.  We love her look from the first meeting outside and in the cheap diner to her flushed face after the nakadashi finish.  We love the bangs, the elfin features with a cute noise and pale skin.  We love how she looks all over.  We love her mannerisms!

This actress is the type we'd love to see again because she felt so authentic and also gave off a serious case of the girl-next-door-is-a-bit-horny vibe.

And you know what?  She was horny, but also eager to make more money and that's what this title is about:  the off-camera solicitor of her future job made it clear she'd be doing many lascivious things in order to secure a chance at making serious bank while still working as a graphic designer at an ad agency.  She'd just have to be a little naughty beforehand.

The bulk of this short, but turmoil-free release took place in a cozy hotel room and in spite of this production being shot with a hand-held HD camera, the angles and picture overall were wonderful.  From the masturbation scene early on which featured her gradually removing clothing as instructed by her faceless future employer to the harder scenes including light pubic hair shaving, a voracious blowjob, and condom-less insertion, we saw it all unrestricted and most important, without a shred of mosaic.

ADVERTISING AGENCY INDECENT PROPOSAL would have benefited by a bit more padding.  Maybe another scene or three.  But in spite of its abridged running time, we're very, VERY fond of this release.  Real Japanese amateurs with looks like this stacked with an eagerness to do salacious things are nowhere near as common as you'd think...then again, with the pay for new hires being as low as it is, more women of equal or greater caliber of looks and sexuality may begin flocking towards Japan's most welcoming industry.

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