Anna Anjou in Explosive Orgasmic Relations

Tan Post-Gyaru AV Star Does All Uncensored in HD


Anna Anjou in Explosive Orgasmic Relations
with English Subtitles


Anna Anjou...where do we start with this post-gyaru...gyaru?

Nowadays, the artificially tanned hyper-energetic clique to end all cliques has lost much luster, charm, and of course, popularity.  Tanning salons are suffering, but the gyaru of old are still around here and there.  Did you know the reigning Japanese AV gyaru queen MANA IZUMI still works in the AV biz, but behind the camera as makeup artist?  The pay is nowhere near as good as gamboling around sans clothing and spread eagle on the other side, but the adult video studio is probably where she most feels at home.

ANNA ANJOU can be considered another once-upon-a-time Japanese gyaru.  In fact, going by recent blog entries she's certifiably flamboyant and has the nail art down hard.  Looks aside, she's one of the few AV stars of the modern era who officially retired, but returned again for another go.  Her reasons are unclear and searching her Twitter for clues was a fool's quest as all entries were deleted.

What we can say is that her release here at ZENRA, EXPLOSIVE ORGASMIC RELATIONS, was most likely shot as a swan song for her career.  It's quite common for AV stars in the domestic (read: censored) circuit to shuffle over to the darkened side of Japanese AV and do a few uncensored titles with the foreign-hosted black sheep AV studios.

Now, the only difference really between a domestic title and an uncensored release such as this one is the lack of mosaic...for the most part.  Production values are pretty much the same though from a subtitling standpoint, we have statistically found domestic censored releases pay better attention to audio which in uncensored releases focuses almost too much on the actress and the wetness between her legs leaving the actors hanging high and dry.

Factoring the actresses' pay, uncensored releases such as ORGASMIC RELATIONS cost many, many more times to make.

Let that sink in.

EXPLOSIVE ORGASMIC RELATIONS with ANNA ANJOU follows the footsteps of other uncensored releases which do not have much in terms of a continuing story all the way through.  Anna's release isn't totally disjointed though.  With a two hour running time, each half can somewhat be considered its own self-contained story.

The first hour features Anna Anjou acting as a teacher who first visits a sexually confused concerned father played by JOU OSHIMA and then becomes the extreme focus of a group of students played by semi-nameless AV actors in their thirties.  Anna's time with JOU OSHIMA was perhaps coincidentally shot in the same room he claimed his own in an earlier release starring a certain nudist maid played by RIE TACHIKAWA.  Maybe this really is his house?  We'll ask him sometime.

The second half of this release essentially can be summed up as a salacious hot springs getaway where Anna Anjou was paired up with JUN ODAGIRI who needs to speak up, stop smoking, and get an inhaler as he has a tendency to wheeze when he nears extremis.  Mild complaints aside, JUN's one of the most versatile AV actors out there who oozes suaveness and confidence while having fashion down to a T.  It certainly helps that his previous job was a hair stylist and always can fall back to that if he tires of having (mainly) unprotected sex with different women everyday.

His hot spring dalliance with ANNA featured a POV outdoor blowjob scene which was pretty decent, but the nocturnal hallway romance that followed was beautifully filmed...and we really mean it!  The lighting was warm, dark, but just enough to see all the action.  Anna Anjou is blessed with supernal long legs and a butt that is anything but pancake-flat and seeing her with half a yukata on bent over from behind was as close to 'Seeing the Light' as you'll ever get in a Japanese AV title.

ANNA ANJOU is by far not a fantastic actress.  Her role as a teacher was fun and very welcomed visually, but she didn't hold a candle to JOU OSHIMA's confused-father stutter.  However, she's no push-over either.  Attractive, naturally tan, and with a personality that is very formidable, it's surprising she's not ranked as high as she should be on the ever-changing Japanese AV star popularity list.  Her semi-retirement did not help, but she seems back for real and is churning out titles on the domestic circuit rather regularly now.  Will we see her make another go with uncensored titles too?  Almost certainly when she announces retirement number #2!

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