Saitama Prefecture Produces Hard to Please Wives with Yuri

Young Unfaithful Japanese Wife Dabbles in AV


Saitama Prefecture Produces Hard to Please Wives with Yuri
with English Subtitles


SAITAMA PREFECTURE PRODUCES HARD TO PLEASE WIVES may not be the most accurate statement.  After-all, today's release is only starring one of the tens of thousands of young married women in one of Japan's more populous prefectures.  A good chunk of the people in this landlocked area find themselves commuting daily to Tokyo which makes for a rather cosmopolitan group.  Wives from this region probably are more independent than their counter-parts in the less-populated regions of Japan.

Now where does Yuri fit?  Is she a 'Saitama' wife that can't get enough of (sexual) independence?  Or is she devout to her husband?  Does she have a sex life with him?  Or do they rest in different beds?

It's complicated.

It's surprising, too.

Yuri-san, you see, is a rarity in women taking part in affair-themed Japanese AV titles:  she's happily married and has sex often.  However, 'often' in this instance equates to about once a week which isn't too shabby, but isn't enough to satiate her.  She wants more sex...a lot more.  She also was thinking about trying out as an AV star before her surprise marriage to her husband, a dentist fifteen years her senior.

Thus, not only is money not an issue, sexuality isn't as well.  In spite of her sound domestic environment, Yuri-san agreed to take part in this GUTS title to see how far she can extend herself in all ways sexual.    Yuri wants salacious lovemaking.  She wants it dirty and obscene.  She wants to be submissive no matter the circumstances.  Her wishes are answered many-fold.

Like an earlier release this summer starring a rather voluptuous woman, this release also clocks in at a hefty 120 minutes and follows a similar path that commences with some embarrassing public exposure and concludes with a BDSM-oriented coitus-fest finale.

Although the early potion of this release involves some public indecency by means of a remote control vibrator, true outdoor teasing is rather minimal.  We only see Yuri outside for perhaps twenty minutes though the next scene takes place in a moving car.  There, she provides in-car fellatio--something she admits she providing her husband often with.

Attractiveness and Yuri go hand-in-hand.  She's really, really cute.  We were amazed at just how attractive and lawless she is:  pale skin without a blemish, a great fashion sense, and a crystalline voice totally lacking in vocal fry (ugh, don't you hate that?).  Don't mistake her for a timid Japanese housewife doing AV more for the money than anything else.  It almost felt as if Yuri pretty much wanted to take her submissive fantasies and emulate them in real life.  Remuneration seemed like the last thing on her mind.

SATAIMA PREFECTURE PRODUCES HARD TO PLEASE WIVES also featured a fun karaoke scene where we were fortunate enough to hear a commendable aural performance of 90's era J-POP.  Later on in another flash-back to the bubble era, we saw Yuri in a sheer kitchen apron with nothing on underneath.  Masturbation by means of summer vegetables such as eggplants, carrots, and cucumbers were the norm.

Props must be given to MASAHIRO UEDA, the actor who appeared in the entirety of this title.  In fact, he seems to be GUTS' main 'dude' for their hardcore productions.  It's almost unfathomable to think that he made love to Yuri over 3 times in a single day and finished without issue each and every time.  Unlike regular movies, AV shoots rarely go longer than a day so not only was Masahiro her sexual partner from start to finish, he also led the shoot.  We've seen him do this in previous releases and we'll see him many more times in the future.  Fortunately, he's a handsome actor with a lot of charisma who usually talks clearly (a joy for us subtitlers!) though he does have those shifty eyes...

...which does not mean too much after all he goes through.  If you're a fan of young Japanese wives that are a bit too immature to yet be considered milfs, this is not a title you should miss.  Yuri went from chirpy and loquacious to highly submissive bound-and-willing nymph in just over an hour and the transformation was not only believable, but shocking as well.  Is this the norm for Saitama wives?  Even when sex with one's husband happens often enough, is more still needed?  For Yuri, the call of AV was too powerful to ignore and she wasn't the first of her friends to appear in an adult video.  Could we encounter them in a future ZENRA update?  Survey says...

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