Meina Shirakawa - I Want to Have Sex with a JAV Actor

Absolutely Beautiful.


Meina Shirakawa - I Want to Have Sex with a JAV Actor
with English Subtitles


Some people have the strangest fantasies and it's safe to say MEINA SHIRAKAWA may not be one of them.  Her desire is plain and simple, but also rather daring:  have sex with a real JAV actor while being filmed.  Oh, and to make things riskier (and more pleasurable!), do it bareback.

While today's update lacks a creampie conclusion (we get a nice facial instead), it does star an actress who is so darn beautiful I still question why she decided to do an uncensored JAV title instead of doing something that allows her to remain dressed.  I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH A JAV ACTOR is MEINA SHIRAKAWA's second and most likely final rodeo with us at ZENRA.  She did two releases with DREAMROOM and not much else with them nor any other maker.  I at least believe she could've been A-rank (or close to it!) material, but alas, tiptoe in, film some lovely sex, and retreat back into mainstream society seemed to be her mission objective.

Both releases while originally shot for 10Musume were thankfully done with the addition of an actual cameraman.  The first one featuring doing something magical with "Weasel" was done in a bona fide love hotel.  Today's update apparently was shot at her house, but with a water cooler visible in one of the shots, I really do wonder how accurate that may have been.  I mean what supposedly single Japanese woman has a water cooler in her apartment?

The sex itself is fantastic and it goes on for a *long* time.  Expect many great angles that do wonders showing off just how insanely leggy this naturally pale actress is.  Not only that, but she gets wet and remains wet for almost the entire time.  While all actresses possess this uncanny ability to generate love juices on demand, MEINA went above and beyond by being an almost overflowing geyser.  If you're a fan of certain noises made when love juices flow to almost critical levels, the second half of this title has some wonderful surprises.

I was surprised to see this go with a facial finish as these uncensored amateur releases are known for taking huge risks.  A real JAV actor unloading into such a beautiful woman granted would have been more welcomed over the facial, but we can at least all be satisfied that he really did cum; no fakery was used here and I'll take a real ejaculation to the face over the horrible fake nakadashi trend many a domestic maker has been employing as of late.

Solid is the best way to sum up I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH A JAV ACTOR in one word.  MEINA is gorgeous and uncannily looks amazing from every angle.  Even the best A-rank JAV stars often have a off side to them, but MEINA remains that extreme exception.  I've no idea how this title originally did popularity-wise with Japanese users, but it's safe to say it will be a fan favorite here for quite awhile.

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