Reiko Tsuji - Becoming an Adult

Body Check sans Mosaic

Reiko Tsuji - Becoming an Adult
with English Subtitles


Today’s guest is the very petite and adorable Reiko Tsuji, age 19.  She’s an honest one; the reason she’s taking part is twofold yet simple:  money and a love of sex.  I start this rodeo slow and steady with a very hands on appreciation of this young 19 year old’s supple body.  Her skin is even softer than it looks and that’s saying a lot!  And her pubic hair—she’s got nearly none.  Naturally close to bare down there and without a modicum of shame!  My kind of girl.

Now as I’m kinda a pervert, I brought along a few unorthodox devices to help me out in my perversion study of Reiko.  I had her rest on all fours so I can use a magnifier to gaze deep into her holes.  It was a pretty sight that you’ll see shortly.  You can almost consider the first part of my adventure with her to be of the Body Check variant.

My ‘body check’ continued with some of our favorite vibration toys and honestly, I do believe Reiko is a huge fan of sex.  She responded very well!  Soon enough I was in her sans condom.  I—we--couldn’t help it!  Our passion knew no boundaries.  She squirmed and moaned like the best of ‘em and I was there to capture it all.  Oh, and while I made the formalities to pull out when the final urge took me, Reiko held me in place leading to’ll see!


Finding Japanese women in their late teens willing and able to do JAV is a rarity.  Sure, you've probably seen many a box cover about how so-and-so is having her debut at 18, but nine times out of ten, her age is fibbed a bit.  Most likely she is young--early twenties young that is.  Real 18 and 19 year olds don't do adult as often as you think and even when they do, it may be just a few random shifts at a delivery health brothel.  It's a rarity upon rarities for an actual 18 or 19 year old to go from normalcy to full-on adult video star.

Of course REIKO TSUJI is a real 19 year old...right?  Honestly, while I know the answer to this (and it may surprise you!), we'll just go with the flow and say she is young, willing, and able to show her body and do some rather unique things with it while the camera's rolling and mosaic is blessedly absent.  Today we return again with an amateur nanpa update via DREAMROOM, the huge elephant in the room when it comes to uncensored JAV production.

While the climate is getting harder to produce content like this, this author believes no matter how hard LEO despises it, you'll never seen an end to it being made.  When there's a demand for something, there will almost certainly be someone there tiptoeing through a battlefield of risks in order to deliver it.

BECOMING AN ADULT doesn't veer too far from other titles by them we've shown already.  The biggest change is the focus on Body Check that takes up the first half of this 55 minute release.  The interview is short--surprising considering that while REIKO remains mostly mute, any time she does talk, it's animated and chirpy.  So yes, rather than a talkie and rather than one of 'those' titles with vag close-ups that never end, we're treated to something a bit more outlandish.  Expect tons of close-ups of places you want to see along with others (like belly buttons, ears, and more!) that you probably don't have a fetish for.  This is an unusual update in some ways, but should satisfy the urge we know many of you have for deeply exploring Japanese youth without a shred of pixelation.

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