Carnivorous Woman Finds Her Prey

Who's Leading Who Here?

Carnivorous Woman Finds Her Prey
with English Subtitles


CARNIVOROUS WOMAN FINDS HER PREY is a really, really, *really* well put-together amateur nanpa title by DREAMROOM.  It was originally released a couple years ago on their 10Musume site and we're pleased to be showing it now with English subtitles--something you'll ONLY find here at ZENRA.

Although her name isn't given in the title herself, she's credited on the aforementioned site as MIKU OTSUKA, but you can close that freshly-opened tab now.  We looked already and her credits as a JAV star are today's update, one more from the same site, and surprisingly a fellatio-themed release by RADIX (who saw that last one coming?!).  I'm pretty bummed out about this as MIKU has some serious natural charisma and a very nice body for those who are fans of women with lithe figures.  She has/had the potential to become a top name in the Japanese AV industry, but for some reason or another, she bowed out after a taking a short dip in video-form erotica.

A shame!  However, we're glad we can show what little there is of her off!

DREAMROOM amateur nanpa titles generally do run shorter than their censored counterparts.  In fact, pretty much everything this uber-studio does is based more on an episodic format rather than the standard 2-hour title approach.  Like A CHANGE OF SEASONS, one of our first titles we showcased by them, CARNIVOROUS WOMAN runs shorter than average at a brief, but well-edited and cut 44 minutes (rounded up!).  Remember that sometimes quantity does not equate to quality.  We've seen this in other titles that may appear short, but pack a punch like this fantastic MAKI TOMODA release from shortly ago.

This time around, the bulk of the CARNIVOROUS WOMAN was filmed predictably in a love hotel, but there was a nice outdoor portion by a train station that gave off an authentic street nanpa vibe.  The only thing we found a bit off about this was how the conversation segued from regular dating talk to straight-up sex without anything in between.  I would of liked to see some sort of transition between the two as they're not as related as one may think.

MIKU OTSUKA not only has tons of charisma, she's also incredibly dominant.  As pretty much all the previous amateur nanpa releases we've shown have featured woman on the demure side of the spectrum, seeing someone like MIKU was a huge surprise.  A good surprise, mind you, as her attitude was only a plus that I think would make for those on the fence with these types of titles into devout followers.

I also enjoyed how the camera didn't linger too long on the close-ups that oftentimes plague other titles from the same series.  Of course being an uncensored JAV release, you're going to see some textbook 'hameshiro' shots (intercourse close-ups in Japanese), but the editing this time around was a bit slicker and was thankfully focused more on MIKU OTSUKA's body rather than staying zeroed into her womanhood.

Probably out of all the amateurs we've featured so far, MIKU's going to be the one who leaves the strongest impression.  Her attitude, her desire for sex--her INSATIABLE desire for sex, and her way above average looks make her such an ideal candidate for a popular Japanese AV star.  It's safe to say before, during, and after this title she worked in the water trade because it's hard to imagine a woman being that outgoing with sex on camera having no experience beforehand.

It's going to be a challenge to pick a worthy follow-up to CARNIVOROUS WOMAN FINDS HER PREY.  We'll try though!  We've licensed many, many more titles that were originally shown on 10Musume and there's quite a few more hits to be discovered.  Hell, even the so-so one still have their charms because we're well aware of the attractive aspect of being intimate with a real 'girl-next-door' from Japan in a mosaic-free setting.

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