Make Me Beautiful Before We Nakadashi

Another Splendid Love Hotel Encounter


Make Me Beautiful Before We Nakadashi
with English Subtitles


Sometimes simple is better.  Sometimes some Japanese AV titles go so far into fantasy land that one almost desires a return to simple lovemaking and this is where our Amateur Nanpa titles produced by DREAMROOM come in handy.  They serve as welcome respites for quick coitus in between updates that may at times be 'grander'.

The format of today's update, MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL BEFORE WE NAKADASHI, is pretty much on par with previous updates.  However, we do feel this title lightly skirted between being a certified 'nanpa' update and an uncensored AV star one given the fact that:  the person starring in it, MAI KONISHI, went on to star in more professionally-made work and the actual street pickup portion is totally absent.  We felt given the origin of the title--DREAMROOM's amateur-focused 10Musume--and the simplicity of the release, featuring it in our Amateur Nanpa section made the most sense.

This is our first encounter with MAI KONISHI and we're rather fond of her.  We dig the black hair, the somewhat husky voice, and her overall lewd attitude towards sex.  We could've used a wee bit less "kimochi's" as this title had her and the director uttering that Japanese phrase expressing pleasure over and over get it.  We subtitled it all and tried to keep it fresh, but we apologies here and now if you catch us repeating the same English captioning more than once.

The one thing that kind of ground our gears in today's update is something we see all too much in uncensored Japanese AV:  the heavy focus on extreme-zooming.  We get it, we really do!  You don't need to use mosaic so you're going to go all out by showing a soaked vagina in all its FHD glory.  Speaking as someone who enjoys sex (and who here doesn't?), the act itself is immensely pleasurable, but intense and nearly never-ending zooming in on private parts is not too arousing.  What's supposed to feel like a romantic act between two lovers feels more like the companion video guide to a college-level anatomy textbook.

MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL in its first half featured an awful lot of these close-ups and instead of them, simply seeing MAI's facial reactions as she was fingered, toyed, etc., would have been much nicer.  Sometimes what's hidden and implied is way more titillating than directly showing it and we hope the director has improved his craft since the original release of this title.

Grumbling aside, the romance between director/actor and actress did feel very authentic.  After all you can't really fake much in a movie that doesn't use mosaic.  There's no fake ejaculations here!  MAI KONISHI seemed extremely in the mood and going by her continued career in AV, this and her previous release by DREAMROOM (that we will be eventually showing!) seem to be her very important stepping stones; she dabbled in adult video as an amateur, enjoyed the thrill of sex-on-tape, and kept at it!

We're not even sure if she's technically retired.  MAI KONISHI may never have been a 'name brand', but she's dabbled in AV on and off for some years now with her most recent title, a GENKI title (and we're definitely not going to link this one!) released about a year ago.  It's safe to say whatever she's doing right now, it's far from a boring housewife raising a family.

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