Osaka Nanpa Catch

When Street Pickup Reaches Kansai

Osaka Nanpa Catch
with English Subtitles


Pretty much all Japanese AV is shot in Tokyo.  This is not due to any legal issues (such as in USA where only certain states such as California allow open shooting).  Fortunately, Japanese prefectures seem to lack the type of power each American state has when it comes to drafting their own sets of laws.  So yes if a studio wanted to shoot something down in Okinawa, the only thing getting in their way is the airfare.  

But things are done mainly in Tokyo.  Why?  Because that's where most everybody lives thus it's where most studios are located.  I can count on one hand the number of production companies that are based in areas outside of Tokyo.  It's simply a lot harder to find talent in less populated parts of the country.  Even actresses like the (now retired) AYU SAKURAI lived in Osaka full-time, but had her bullet train fare paid for so she can shoot regularly in Tokyo.

Still, sometimes studios do shoot elsewhere and sometimes even more bizarre things happen such as DREAMROOM's amateur-hunting team behind their site, the source of most our updates by them (which have all been legally licensed so you can lower that eyebrow), being assigned to trek out to Osaka and make some titles.

OSAKA NANPA CATCH really was filmed in its namesake.  This wasn't an example of a title simply faking a location and really just shooting it all back in Tokyo.  Some of Osaka's highlights were clearly on display and even the initial nanpa attempts were carried out on Dotonbori's famous Hikake-bashi bridge -- aka, the most famous nanpa location in western Japan.  Take note of this bridge at night and you'll see many a host attempt to 'catch' women to enter their clubs.  Of course hosts *never* do 'catch' nanpa so it's probably just men dressing like them...not! (sarcasm aside, Japanese hosts are forbidden from pulling in customers like this and say they never do it, but in reality...)

YUMI SAKAGUCHI, obviously a stage name, is the main target of this amateur title update at ZENRA.  According to her bio, she's done a few more movies and although she doesn't have what we consider a dynamite body, she oozes a personality that's half playful and half sexual that we'd love to feature again.  She also doesn't really seem the type who would even do AV so it's nice seeing someone like her come way out from left field and blow our minds.

Like most amateur nanpa titles by DREAMROOM, the running time is abridged, but it still packs a good amount of action.  Buildup via dialog also is featured for the first third of this update so yes, we definitely do classify this update as a 'talkie'.  From a subtitling perspective, dialog was near nonstop, but enjoyable to work on due to clear audio.

YUMI seemed to really enjoy herself in this title.  It was a fun afternoon love hotel romp.  Being boyfriend-less for 2 years, cheating was a non-issue.  She came off as a real free spirit though later in the interview she joked about wanting to get married soon.  It's possible by now she did settle down with someone--perhaps one of her sex friends (she said she had a few) and is now a happy young mother.  Or not.

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