Nanpa on the Way Home

Trial and Error Gyaru Pickup Success Story

Nanpa on the Way Home
with English Subtitles

What's known in the west as the 'seduction community' also exists in some form in Japan though it's a bit less organized.  We call it 'nanpa' here and it's the general catch-all phrase for guys (attempting) to pick up girls when out and about.  If there's one thing men on both sides of the ocean have in common, it's the iron-clad belief that nothing builds up one's confidence more than turning approaching into a numbers game:  if at first you don't succeed, then keep on trying.  If a girl blows you off from the get-go (because it WILL happen...often), then keep your game face glued on and target another!  And then another!  And don't stop until success is accomplished!

That's nanpa and that's how real pick-up happens.  Women in big cities like Tokyo and Morioka are used to being approached by men.  Heck, the closer they are to the districts where the water trade thrives, the more common these encounters will be.  Most approaches are actually by scouts trying to get them to quit their low-paying day jobs for easy money after the sun sets, but of course there's regular Joes just attempting to score a lay as well.

An attempt at easy sex is where we find our camera-wielding director in today's amateur nanpa-themed title today.  It's produced by DREAMROOM so expect a Full HD uncensored release where everything is on display without any artificial post-processing.  NANPA ON THE WAY HOME is as straight-forward as you can get though the actual movie plays out with a few unexpected yet salacious twists on the way to its nakadashi conclusion.

For some reason the amateur woman starring in this update is not named so our information about her as an AV actress (if she actually did more than this title) is nil, but she comes off as the type who would probably find it more than agreeable to star in more titles so keep your eyes out for her.  She's a gyaru plain and simple.  Maybe she's not as tan as others, but the delinquent bad girl look is down solid and it's rather impressive she actually gave the director the time of day.

We really liked how this title focused on a slow and steady buildup to harder play.  It began on the street, then segued to an outdoor restaurant before finally going to the hotel.  Although her name was not given, the initial portion of this release allowed for ample dialog to run its course which fed us a lot about her life story with an obvious focus on friends and romance.  She was apparently single at the time of this production and claims to be the frequent target of pickup artists, but then later on she admits she's only ever been approached five times so reality and fantasy may have been slightly miswired.

If you've seen other amateur nanpa titles by DREAMROOM, then the overall format of this update doesn't waver too much.  It's done in a love hotel, play does feature some toy usage, but thankfully this time around it's only a few minutes with a vibrator and it's mainly done by the woman.  We're thankful for this because nothing ruins the reality effect more than the director somehow trucking in a bag full of sex toys as they're an alien element in first-time encounters in real least from our experience.

Given this being a one-man show, we're very impressed by both the lighting and camera-work.  The shots were done by someone who knows good camera placement and even the scenes in the bathtub were both visually pleasing and aurally engaging.  It was a joy to subtitle this release and we do warn you that the first half of the title is *very* dialog-heavy.  Titles like NANPA ON THE WAY HOME are not just sex-featurettes, but rely heavily on conversations early on to set the mood for the actual sex that's soon to come.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 698
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