Late Night Nanpa Success Story

When Charisma and the Heavens Align...


Late Night Nanpa Success Story
with English Subtitles


If you're a man reading this, then you can relate:  you've seen a cute girl from afar and were so eager to talk to her.  You were formulating the perfect line, a perfect way in.  This is called an opener in the seduction communities.  Is she an HB7?  An HB9?  Perhaps higher?  Alone?  With friends?  Confidence is king when you make your approach because really, it's not what you say, but how you say it that counts.

We've all had this experience be it out and about or in clubs where mingling with attractive people of the opposite gender is the outcome of the night.  In Japan, the act of picking up a girl whom you do not know beforehand is called nanpa and just like the west, even those who are good at it usually fail more often than not.

Nevertheless, nanpa is a numbers game.  It's confidence and numbers and eventually you'll strike out.  That's the point:  score with a girl whom you haven't met.  Score of course can mean a simple one-night stand or something far deeper.  It really varies from target to target.  What may seem beautiful from afar may be otherwise up close.  She could reek of smoke, have more piercings than you're comfortable with, be a former wrist cutter (which unfortunately is all too common with some of Japan's youth)...

A picturesque successful nanpa conquest is exactly what LATE NIGHT NANPA SUCCESS STORY is all about.  The title makes it obvious, but that's what it is:  pure 100% Japanese nanpa done well and done right...

...and done uncensored in Full HD!

This is another title from DREAMROOM's impressive library of amateur nanpa releases.  Honestly speaking when it comes to all the uncensored releases at ZENRA, we prefer working on these dialog-heavy nanpa releases that feature pure amateurs over the higher production value AV star ones.

Make note it's a personal preference.  We know not all subscribers and ZENRA fans share the same mindset so we adjust updates accordingly so everyone remains satiated.  If you prefer famous AV stars who remain close to mute while having sex sans mosaic, we got you covered there too though you'll have to come back another day for a new release from that category.

LATE NIGHT NANPA SUCCESS STORY stars AIKA SAEKI.  We see her dressed in a high school uniform outside of a restaurant at night.  She's idly playing around on her phone before Mr. Charisma*--the loquacious scruffy co-star of the Pubic Hair Shaving Salon enters the picture.

*We're not actually sure what his stage name is.  We have his real name on file, but obviously we can't use that so we're sticking with his handle from a previous update.

We're pretty fond of this actor.  In his third outing at ZENRA, we still find his titles a joy to work with since he may be talkative, but speaks clearly and concisely starts and ends his sentences.  From a subtitling perspective, this is what we like more than anything; actors who mumble or don't talk loud enough are the bane to what we do.  We're always saddened when we push out releases with them since the quality of our work is never as good as it is in a title like this one.

Back on tangent, AIKA is a very cute actress who probably really wasn't a schoolgirl at the time of filming.  We're near certain what she was wearing was more prop than authentic uniform, but--and a big but here, what we loved about this title more than anything else was how well she acted in it.

Of course 'acted' in this sense doesn't mean she possesses pure dramatic acting chops.  No, she'd never be able to recite Shakespearean quotations with gusto, but she nails the "I can't believe I'm having no-condom sex with a guy I just met!" situation.  Her reactions were indeed golden though given her amateur branding, she hasn't done much other AV work besides this and one threesome title (that we will show!).

LATE NIGHT NANPA SUCCESS STORY is an uncensored title that features sex without condoms, but the finish this time around is not nakadashi.  Mr. Charisma has the courtesy to pull out and cum all over her chest and school-assigned oversized bow-tie before pleading with her to have sex with him everyday.

And to that she replied...

Well, have a look and you'll find out!

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