Massages Gone Wrong in HD Part One

Successful Nanpa of Japanese Hotel Masseuses

Massages Gone Wrong in HD
Part One with English Subtitles
(Part Two available here!)


Money now for the fledgling Japanese middle class is tighter that ever which is sending housewives, divorcees, and other types of unmarried and older women into society looking for employment that actually can pay the bills.  What's been popular for almost forever is working as hotel masseuses.  Whether you lodge at a budget business hotel or a higher end chain resort, massages are bound to be offered and the former frequently offer them right in your room--alone with the masseuse.

It's a recipe for intimacy with a stranger that rarely happens in the real life outside of escorts and delivery health services.  This time around, sex is NOT on the table.  It's advertised and almost always purely therapeutic without a trace of the erotic.  However, that doesn't mean everything always goes to plan.

Sometimes things can go very awry.

Welcome to MASSAGES GONE WRONG IN HD featuring relatively suave AV actors masquerading as exhausted salarymen who work their nanpa on naive (for the most part...) hotel masseuses.  The results in all scenes in this massive four hour release split into two updates verge on spectacular with only one concluding with coitus interruptus.

The format of each encounter was pretty much the same as each scene began with an older masseuse (average age was mid-40's) diligently working on her talkative male client.  Those 'talks' always verged into areas that customers generally have no business of entering and from there, magic happened.

More specifically, we'd see customers who joke about hearing stories of masseuses performing 'extras for tips'.  Other times it'd be a customer complaining about his groin swelling.  Sometimes they'd flat out say that they've became rather horny and would like to take care of themselves while she watches.  Every time things progress from simple watching to timid handjobs before the erotic play becomes mutual.  Clothing from both parties are soon dropped and condom-less sex becomes a reality.

The reactions of the masseuses were wild and very varied.  Not all were timid and one of our favorite scenes even involved one who bashfully smiled and nodded to an audacious customer asking to masturbate while she watches.  Looks-wise, she was anything but a traditional beauty, but one of the things HOT ENTERTAINMENT pushes hard with their releases is REALITY.  In other words, what links their massive archive of titles together is the fact that what they show CAN ACTUALLY HAPPEN.

Only featuring extraordinarily cute masseuses in their twenties who jump into sex without a second thought would be the opposite of what normally happens.  However, if that's up your alley, then stick around a bit longer as we have a version of MASSAGES GONE WRONG by BULLITT that features something like this.  Both production companies are owned by the same parent company and where HOT ENTERTAINMENT focuses on REALITY, BULLITT is more about FANTASY.  Themes from both studios occasionally overlap, but it's very obvious which depicts encounters that could really happen to you in Japan while the other shows the 'AV version' of it.

MASSAGES GONE WRONG IN HD wasn't a perfect release.  Two things we were not all gung-ho fond of was the editing throughout each scene and the finale.  You see, what we did no release until selecting this title for licensing was this was a compilation release of other MASSAGES GONE WRONG titles.  Thus, to ensure they could fit them all within a four hour window (potentially the maximum length for a high quality DVD pressing), cuts had to be made.  We're pretty sure the original version of each scene had more dialog and build-up to the naughtiness.  On that note, the finales were also cut a bit shorter than what we would have preferred.  Some scenes actually faded to black while the actor was still orgasming on the masseuse!  Adding an extra 30 seconds to the end of all scenes would have made each encounter even more salient.

Nevertheless, these are very mild gripes to an all-around great title.  We know some of you may contact us asking for the names of the actresses playing the masseuses, but unfortunately they are not given.  Titles such as this generally star KIKAKU AMATEURS.  These are women who want to do AV, get paid well, and quickly fade away.  They rather not be prominently advertised and certainly don't want to adhere to a stage-name.  You sometimes see women in this class of AV stars who are given names, but they change almost every time they opt to appear in a title (and it's almost always a title that features multiple women allowing her to become a background fixture).

MASSAGES GO WRONG is built on solid dialog.  After all, this is a pure nanpa title all about the skill of the word and it's effect on older Japanese women who've been sex-less for ages.  Without solid comprehension of conversational Japanese or our exclusive English subtitles, you won't enjoy it in the way it should be enjoyed.  However, if you're already reading this, you're either a subscriber to ZENRA or strongly considering becoming one so welcome home.


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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