ENF CMNF Female Body Examination

Published May 20, 2008

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Japanese AV stars take part in an actual medical science study on the female body and its sexual functions featuring CFNM and ENF scenarios with subtitles.

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Female Body Examination
with English Subtitles

Imagine a Japanese office lady taking a quick lunch break while stressing out over some altercation at work. What better way to relieve oneself than a quick date with a finger or two? Unfortunately, finding the time for even a quick fingerbang may be asking too much for today's overworked population. However, a cure for that is in the works.

A group of doctors hired by a nameless pharmaceutical company are tasked with creating a medication that when ingested by a woman, will result in an instant powerful orgasm. Having a pill that grants immediate ecstasy is a dream come true. For example, in the middle of a boring two hour long meeting about upcoming mergers & acquisitions of a rival company with questionable solvency issues and a high debt-to-asset ratio (bored already?), what better way to brighten up your mood (assuming you are a female) than by popping a pill and achieving an orgasm in the blink of an eye?

These doctors have located a subject from the nearby medical school who has volunteered her time and naked body to undergo various tests to figure out the proper recipe to artificially create the female orgasm. We first see this college cutie in all her nude glory as she stands with her hands at her sides as the medical staff take turns tweaking her hard nipples and also taking a digital magnifying glass to her hairy bush down south. Shy as she naturally is, she puts on a brave face as her most private regions are blown up and plastered on TV for more of the medical staff from the company to view and add their own input as well.

Later on as the testing continues, we see the stark naked CMNF (clothed male nude female) volunteer lying supine on a cat-scan bed as her pussy is closely examined, caressed, and fingered by all of the surrounding staff members. Orgasm after orgasm, each one being recorded for further 'research' purposes and soon enough, the next stage of testing begins which involves a volunteer from the medical staff engaging in intercourse with the nudist volunteer while the rest of the staff looks on and take careful notes. It's somewhat of a mystery of how this group sex examination can lead to the production of a female orgasm pill but it's best to leave things such as this up to the professionals!

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