I Ordered Delivery Health and an Acquaintance Showed Up 5

Published November 17, 2023

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What are the chances your school crush happens to be Ruka Inaba of all people and she answers the door when you order some Tokyo delivery health?

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I Ordered Delivery Health and an Acquaintance Showed Up 5

Timing and Translation by JM84

Which situation is more probable? Living in Tokyo, but traveling to up to Morioka, and encountering your former classmate you had a crush on--yes, precisely that one and not anyone else!--on line at a convenience store OR ordering delivery health and the same person answers the door? In JAV Land, the answer, as we have seen now in five iterations in this series and countless other movies of its kind, is obvious: you and your friend will soon be having sex that combines wicked embarrassment and shameful passion!

The chances may be as low as actually hooking up with said classmate if you only came out to her and confessed your feelings, but now it's different. Her, simply doing her job and you, a customer. Not requesting a 'change', you decide to use your time wisely--just to 'talk' after all. Obviously given the atmosphere, mouths have a more salient purpose and across three extra packed scenes in the penultimate edition of BULLITTS's I ORDERED DELIVERY HEALTH AND AN ACQUAINTANCE SHOWED UP. Like the first shown way back when, this one also features a superstar in the JAV industry. Before it was KAHO SHIBUYA whom I believe was placed as the book-end to that update. This time, we get things going with the appearance of a girl-next-door that's too good to be true in the form of RUKA INABA. The curves, the innocent look, the body, a truly formidable performer whom we last heard was teasing a return after quite a hiatus.

As noted, the format to each scene is pretty much the same. What's great is this is no complaint. These movies work based on how each pair interacts. Dare I say it, it's that dialog before sexy times happens that really make these movies what they are. I'm saddened there have not been more shot recently. They are easy to produce (at least from my view as a fan) and surely must have some amount of popularity. Let's hope writing 'penultimate' up above was a mistake and BULLITT or GOONIES as they effectively are known now returns to their senses and shoots more.

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+Tried-and-true theme never gets old.

+Casting--especially of RUKA INABA is great.


-Second actress sure likes lying down a lot.