Kanna Shinozaki - Discovering My Sister-in-Law Works Delivery Health

Published January 30, 2023

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We can talk about the great plot, but instead let us gaze endlessly and full of wonder at what Ai Uehara would have become if she was ten kilograms heavier.

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Kanna Shinozaki - Discovering My Sister-in-Law Works Delivery Health
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

KANNA SHINOZAKI is everything I ever want in a woman and then some:  curvy, perfectly cherubic, and one of the best bona fide certified big butts among any recent JAV star.  See how I didn't talk about her chest?  Sure, she may not be everyone's favorite there, but I also happen to be a huge fan of butts plain and simple.  What she delivers there is pretty much in a class by itself and I am glad she donated several years of her life to shooting some wonderful material for us to...uh, appreciate.  The biggest surprise about KANNA is just how short yet prolific her career was:  debuting in 2019, retiring two years later with dozens of movies under her belt (including some months early on where she had new releases coming out almost every day!).  What a trooper!

Today's update may be far from her first on our site, but it is the first full length solely starring her.  Thankfully, it's 110 minutes of visual goodness with a simple, yet well-executed plot the title succinctly nails down:  DISCOVERING MY SISTER-IN-LAW WORKS DELIVERY HEALTH.  Yes, this is one of those tried-and-true 'I ordered delivery health and someone I knew showed up!' scenarios.  I love them and I love how easy they are to shoot.  And when you consider just how jam-packed Tokyo is in spite of its population, the chances of an encounter like this happening is a percentage point over zero.

This time around, as the title implies, it's not a friend, a student, a teacher, or anything of the sort.  In a very strange turn of events, our male friend discovers the woman who will service him for the next hour or so happens to be none other than the same woman engaged to his older brother.  Awkward!  Rather than swapping out for another 'cast' member (as agencies sometimes call their talent), he decides to sample the forbidden fruit not once, but in two great encounters that come to life in this lovely NON feature.

KANNA has one of those bodies I can't just stop looking at.  Sure, in the face, she is attractive, but certainly not one to grace a magazine cover unless it was about home gardening, cooking, flower arrangement, or pottery.  What KANNA has consists of everything else.  Like AI UEHARA whom I have noted as having amazingly great genetics when it comes to full body even fat distribution, KANNA takes that to the next level and presents a figure that is as full-figured as you can get without becoming simply too much.  Look, I know some may love SBBW's, but when fat rolls develop their own rolls, it's just too much.  KANNA is the living embodiment of the Rubenesque movement.  If Peter Paul Rubens was alive to see KANNA, he'd have the muse of his life.

DISCOVERING features a great dialog buildup in the first scene followed by sex, sex, and lots of it also with excellent pacing.  I can't say I love the actor.  He's been in other NON movies and certainly is more of a B-list kind of guy.  But here?  He's almost a perfect fit.  I really do enjoy him getting to see the glory that is KANNA SHINOZAKI's huge bare butt in front of the mosaic.  That second scene as well where she wears the tiniest of string bikinis (with said strings strategically moved to the side when action begins!) is visual Nirvana.  A movie like this is not groundbreaking, but delivers.

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+My name is ZENRA and I have a KANNA SHINOZAKI addiction.
+The most perfect cherubic, curvy figure of any JAV star?
+A butt that is all glory and is shown off in the best of ways.
+Theme that is easy to do, but pulled off pretty well.
+Still camera release, but done with excellent lighting.


-Actor is a bit too brusque at times.