Delivery Health with a One Year Waiting List First Half

Published August 15, 2022

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The best of the best are booked so far in advance some of these guys will lose the girlfriends they are hoping to please before they actually receive service!

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Delivery Health with a One Year Waiting List First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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Delivery health is one of those themes that will never grow old.  You will always have studios making the best of them since it's way easier (and cheaper) to shoot in an actual love hotel than it is to rent a studio and this theme among all others still comes off as realistic when shot in these kinds of locations (conversely, imagine how the believsability of drama JAV would plummet if they were all shot in hotel rooms!).  However, simply having a JAV star masquerade as something she probably already does or has done on the side isn't enough.  We need to up the ante somehow and this is where HOT ENTERTAINMENT thinks slightly out of the box.

No, this isn't one of those "I ordered delivery and someone I knew showed up!" movies.  Those are great, but this time we're sticking to the core theme.  However, let's pretend the clients all know ahead of time they're getting something special.  Let's also assume most have issues performing, finishing too soon, too late, or not at all.  They don't want any regular woman helping them out.  They want a pro and to get a pro, sometimes you need to invest a lot more and wait even longer.  That's where we're at with today and Friday's huge 4 hour update, DELIVERY HEALTH WITH A ONE YEAR WAITING LIST.

It's debatable how hard all the scenes push the 'one year' aspect.  This admittedly is one of HOT's many compilation movies they regularly put out (a regular month sees them releasing nine movies with half being 'BEST').  Outside of massages gone wrong, we opt to stick only with their new release material, but this one and how it's filmed so similar to 'gone wrong' complete with strategically-placed still cameras made selecting it for licensing a no-brainer.

Over four hours split into a dozen scenes, we get some very familiar faces showing why they remain so popular as JAV actresses.  The two our fans probably will most easily recognize are MAO KURATA and RIRIKA HOSHIKAWA who appear in the first half and second half respectively.  I won't pad the review naming all of them.  Scroll up to the top to see the full list.  We get scene after scene of beauty in charge of rather masochistic men who just want to become better sex partners.  The scenes all feature slow and steady play leading to full-on sex with not a fake creampie in sight.  I'm very happy to say that last part and hope it becomes a trend.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2668

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Great use of the delivery health theme.
+Casting of some very big names.
+Nice authentic sex with twists here and there.


-Scenes pretty much have the same flow.
-Entirely shot with still cameras can bother some.