Melting Swimsuits Schoolgirls Embarrassing Pool Class Part One

Published July 5, 2021

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The first of three updates consisting of eight hours of Japanese schoolgirls taking part in a pool meet leading to wardrobe malfunctions and very hard sex.

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Melting Swimsuits Schoolgirls Embarrassing Pool Class Part One
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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When I first took notice of this massive--no, gargantuan--movie by SADISTIC VILLAGE, the first thing that got my attention was the length.  Good grief, 480 minutes and it's NOT a complication title of some sort?!  Why would a JAV maker do this?  That seems an awfully high amount of footage to stuff into one title and still charge the standard price for.  But lo and beyond, they did it!  480 minutes, ten actresses with all of them having sex.  Huge groups, huge thrills, massive embarrassment, realistic pool lessons, melting swimsuits, and yes, lot and lots of...repetition.

MELTING SWIMSUITS SCHOOLGIRLS EMBARRASSING POOL CLASS is sort of like a tale of two JAV movies.  We've a very clear division from the 'melting' swimsuits during the actual lessons and the very hard sex that happens in the locker rooms after.  This sadly isn't one of those movies that seems to combine the embarrassment AND raunchy play in the same scene.  A criticism I've had about SADISTIC VILLAGE movies (the longer ones at least) is how sex is often shoehorned in at the end--almost like an afterthought.  This time around, the sex runs almost as long as the pool portions so I can't fault them there, but still, it's again split and then some.

As a fan more of the industry as a whole rather than fanboy'ing over certain actresses, I wondered how a massive movie like this even got made.  While I don't have concrete answers (that'd be cheating!), I do know that at the time, V&R was also part of the SOD Group, the distributor that SV still uses to this very day.  Around the time this movie came out, V&R also released a few movies starring the same actresses shot in the same huge pool (not to mention this pool being used in many other shoots by other JAV studios as well).  If I had to guess, we're looking at something of a multi-day joint venture.  The same actresses would film some scenes for SV and then others for V&R.  This is probably a reason why the sex was done in the locker rooms rather than the pool--that time was needed for the other studio.

We get a who's who of 'minimum' actresses taking part.  MARIE KONISHI may be the most familiar face, but we all need to respect MIORI HARA who not only does a fantastic job, but may have some of the best compact proportions I've ever seen.  Sure, she doesn't have huge breasts, but her body has a near perfect feminine shape (check out her hip to waist ratio at the beginning of her locker room encounter!).  Frankly, I've no issues with any of the actresses and even the actors did what they had to do.

Compared to SADISTIC VILLAGE's other eight hour beast of original content, ITAZURA ONSEN 4, we get just as much material, but sadly it's considerably more repetitive.  All encounters pretty much play out the same:  pool meet that leaves the women stark naked, coaches that still have them take part while trying to hide their shame, embarrassing above pool stretching in their birthday suits, and very, very hard sex in the locker rooms after.  The sex pretty much covers all bases and gets extremely messy (think lots of lotion!).  Strangely, while they all pretty much ended in cum facials, a few seemed to make use of laughably fake semen in spite of the penetration being 100% real.  For other JAV studios, that's sadly the standard, but SV usually is on the ball with keeping the cum real.  I'm not sure what was going on there.

MELTING SWIMSUITS SCHOOLGIRLS EMBARRASSING POOL CLASS is a movie that has flaws, but also has some great moments.  I doubt many will watch every moment of it; there's just too much to digest.  There's bits and pieces all over that are glorious and even the meh parts aren't too bad.  Sure, if you prefer busty and older, you may find little of note here, but otherwise, it makes for an ideal extra long summer JAV flick.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Massive movie of all new content.
+Unique 'melting swimsuit' theme.
+Spot-on casting.
+Sex is hard, messy, and mostly real (see below).


-Gets very repetitive.
-A few of the cum facials may have used fake cum.
-Sex scenes start with everyone together (including penetration), but most of the 'main' act is done separately.
-Poor audio gave us little choice but to mainly focus on only subtitling locker room encounters.