Washed Ashore with Beauty 3

Published October 23, 2020

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The best of the outdoor JAV beach harem trilogy yet somehow directed by none other than the most despised director in the world.

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Washed Ashore with Beauty 3
Translation and timing by Patonyan

When we licensed the WASHED ASHORE WITH BEAUTY trilogy from V&R, we planned to show them all in relatively quick succession, but of course like most things in life, that didn't pan out.  The first two we pushed out last year and it took almost as long to finally get the third one ready for you all.  It was a bumpy road, but it's here, it's great, but does it hold up?  And given its release time, was it a movie mired in controversy?

The first thing I noticed about WASHED ASHORE BEAUTY 3 was the introduction.  Not the scenery.  We've seen that beautiful ocean before.  I'm pretty sure this was filmed at the same beach the other two were shot at.  What got my attention was how this one was billed as being directed by none other than ALAN SMITHEE.  Seeing that name in a JAV movie totally took me off guard.  Why would V&R want to credit this movie to an anonymous director?  Especially one that usually only has his name affixed to bad works?  I mean this is obviously a TAROU KAMBE title.  He shot the first two and production-wise, this one's identical.  Further research into timing provided me with an answer.

Shortly after WASHED ASHORE BEAUTY 3 was shot, a group of core V&R PRODUCTS directors jumped ship to form ROCKET.  Going by the release date of this one along with the first batch of ROCKET movies, I assume it was one of the last ones filmed by them for V&R and due to obvious bad blood at the time, rather than credit it properly, the western movie buffs there decided to play a little joke hence Alan Smithee.  A weird thing to see in JAV and certainly far from what I expected the first chunk of this review to be about.

Story-wise, what we get in WASHED ASHORE WITH BEAUTY 3 is essentially identical to the first two.  Not much is changed.  I believe the camera many a be bit sharper, but that's more of a technical improvement.  We still get one very lucky guy stuck on an uninhabited island with three very naked and very beautiful Japanese women.  We see him end up having sex with all of them from solo acts to not one, but two harem encounters.  This is all done outdoors in ways I doubt a modern JAV studio could pull.  Director KAMB--I mean Smithee is great at what he does.  His time at ROCKET has shown him to be one of the most unique and perverted JAV creators and even early on, this guy was making quality hit after quality hit.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-Fantastic outdoor filming with three very well-formed JAV stars.
-Great harem sex scenes.
-Thin mosaic!


-Near identical plot to previous two outings.