If you asked any dedicated Japanese AV connoisseur to list the top five production companies that focus on producing bizarre movies and essentially nothing else, RADIX, POOL CLUB, or both, will be on that list. Together producing a staggering 10-12 titles A MONTH, when it comes to truly alternative and maniac Japanese adult video, these two studios owned by the same parent company (hence showcasing them together here on ZENRA) hold prime positions in the fiercely competitive bizarre adult video market.

Natsumi Kimoto with the Adorable Potbelly SubtitledExclusive (September 17 2018)

Natsumi Kimoto is both pale and curvy and has no qualms about showing off her nakedness in this thick woman JAV release by RADIX.

  • natsumi kimoto with the adorable potbelly
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  • voluptuous japanese woman cowgirl sex
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We Invade the Newhalf Onsen SubtitledExclusive (June 22 2018)

POOL CLUB discovers the existence of a local onsen that has a once monthly pickup event for newhalfs and fans of them leading to some amazing orgies.

  • we invade the newhalf onsen
  • hairless newhalf love hotel foreplay
  • shaved jav newhalf butt on all fours
  • standing blowjob for akari yukino
  • jav newhalf onsen orgy begins
  • newhalf blowjob at bathhouse in tokyo
Examining The Unique Pubic Hair of Japanese Women Second Half SubtitledExclusive (April 06 2018)

The second half of this immense five hour body check casting release by POOL CLUB all about Japanese women embarrassingly stripping naked.

  • examining the unique pubic hair of japanese women
  • stark naked jav casting
  • leggy japanese amateur spreading
  • busty japanese woman close up pointy nipples
  • perfect big butt jav star eri makino
  • slim naked japanese amateur in boots
Examining The Unique Pubic Hair of Japanese Women First Half SubtitledExclusive (April 02 2018)

Fifty Japanese women both amateurs and JAV stars embarrassingly strip stark naked in this incredible body check casting release by POOL CLUB.

  • examining the unique pubic hair of japanese women
  • short hair jav amateur about to strip
  • enf jav amateur stark naked
  • spread butt cheeks exposed jav anus
  • stark naked confident posing jav amateur
  • stark naked jav amateur asked about sex life
Nanase Otoha - Premier Farting SubtitledExclusive (February 19 2018)

JAV star Nanase Otoha is slim with a cute butt and an even cuter anus that toots out flatulent melodies nearly nonstop in this maniac RADIX release.

  • premier farting with nanase otoha
  • armpit licking during sex with nanase otoha
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  • otoha nanase upskirt
Yuu Kawakami - Late Night Bus Guerrilla AV Special SubtitledExclusive (December 25 2017)

Who knows whether or not this is staged but JAV legend Yuu Kawakami goes on an unforgettable bus ride followed by public indecency via RADIX.

  • late night bus guerrilla av special with yuu kawakami
  • pale kawakami yuu sex outside with audience
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The Homeless AV Star SubtitledExclusive (November 03 2017)

RADIX somehow not only finds a really cute and young homeless Japanese woman but convinces her to perform in JAV!

  • the homeless av star
  • sixtynine yuuko and actor
  • exposed bottomless yuuko with two actors
  • spread eagle suspiciously half shaved homeless japanese woman
  • japanese homeless woman in very dirty underwear legs spread
  • yuuko homeless japanese av star drinks cooking oil
Haruki Satou - You Are My Four-Legged Friend SubtitledExclusive (September 15 2017)

Increasingly voluptuous JAV star and kinda sorta gyaru Haruki Satou goes on a road trip with abnormal consequences by RADIX.

  • haruki satou you are my four legged friend
  • haruki satou butt in air for sex from behind
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AV Actor Audition SubtitledExclusive (July 21 2017)

RADIX holds an audition for potential AV actors featuring a very impressive squirting for distance practical test.

  • av actor audition
  • ayaka tomoda masturbates for naked man
  • old japanese man pitching a tent before handjob challenge
  • sex demonstration with explanations by ayaka tomoda
  • tomoda ayaka begins being stripped with audience
  • overhead view japanese av actor written exam
The Zooming In Showcase with 100 Volunteers Part Two SubtitledExclusive (June 12 2017)

Four hours of body check embarrassment Japanese AV conclude here in this POOL CLUB update all about zooming in on naked women.

  • the zooming in showcase with  volunteers
  • riana kiyose japanese bbw av star
  • embarrassed spread eagle japanese amateur
  • well formed japanese pubic hair
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  • pale butt asked to be spread
The Zooming In Showcase with 100 Volunteers Part One SubtitledExclusive (June 09 2017)

Another edition of Body Check Japanese AV where stark naked Japanese woman show off their most intimate areas in a four hour double update by POOL CLUB.

  • the zooming in showcase with  volunteers
  • full japanese pubic hair
  • beautiful japanese pubic hair
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Ai Uehara and Nao Masaki - Juice Lesbians SubtitledExclusive (April 21 2017)

Director and former AV star Nao Masaki puts Ai Uehara through the lesbian wringer in this plus-sized bisexual title by RADIX.

  • ai uehara and nao masaki juice lesbians
  • ai uehara teases nao masaki about her yaeba
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  • blue thong anus half exposed on ai uehara
Kaoru Oshima Questionably Innocent SubtitledExclusive (March 06 2017)

Japanese cross-dresser Kaoru Oshima returns for another outing via POOL CLUB where he plays a very malleable youth not quite sure about his own sexuality.

  • kaoru oshima questionably innocent
  • drooling kaoru oshima ball gag
  • bottomless japanese cross dresser anal exploration
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Facial Reconstruction via Ejaculation Part Two SubtitledExclusive (February 03 2017)

More facial distortion by means most unorthodox from the weird minds at POOL CLUB in the second half of this gargantuan update.

  • facial reconstruction via ejaculation
  • facial distortion japan
  • cfnm handjob failure
  • perfect japanese face
  • pov masturbation over destroyed face maid
  • spread bottomless maid instructed to put vibrator in anus
Facial Reconstruction via Ejaculation Part One SubtitledExclusive (January 30 2017)

POOL CLUB takes facial deconstruction to a new level of weirdness by means of nose hooks and much more in this extra long beast of a title.

  • facial reconstruction via ejaculation
  • asami yukino tan and seated
  • pov nose hook blowjob by schoolgirl
  • paipan schoolgirl drops panties
  • drooling japanese woman with cheek expander
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