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HOT ENTERTAINMENT and BULLITT together are one of the largest independent Japanese AV production companies and have been producing unique movies for over 25 years. After a 'fun' visit to their Shibuya office where we met their hardball CEO, we're pleased to announce that we have reached a licensing deal and will begin showing their releases on ZENRA in Spring of 2016. Our initial updates from their vast body of work will be titles focused on LESBIAN NANPA, HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG, and NEWHALF NANPA. What's more, all updates will be in HD and being dialog-heavy nanpa titles, our exclusive English subtitles are a given.

More Massages Gone Wrong in HD Part Two SubtitledHDExclusive (January 23 2017)

Massages gone awfully wrong or splendidly right via realistic portrayals of Japanese businessmen going all the way with hotel masseuses by HOT ENTERTAINMEN...

  • hotel masseuse gives blowjob
  • secret hotel massage sex tryst
  • handjob provided by older japanese masseuse
  • overhead view stripped japanese masseuse with horny client
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More Massages Gone Wrong in HD Part One SubtitledHDExclusive (January 20 2017)

Hotel massage therapists are assigned to treat male customers who have difficulties remaining relaxed without access to the secret menu by HOT ENTERTAINMEN...

  • hotel massage with beautiful therapist
  • japanese hotel blowjob
  • thick massage therapist stripped in thong prone on bed
  • overhead view orgasming japanese masseuse
  • customer and masseuse chat during treatment
  • deep kissing nipple caressing in japanese hotel
Would You Be My Lesbian Friend? Returns Part Two SubtitledHDExclusive (December 02 2016)

HOT ENTERTAINMENT returns again with the conclusion to this same-sex Japanese lesbian nanpa release featuring real amateur women.

  • japanese av star looks for lesbian friend
  • tongue to tongue kissing japanese lesbians
  • yuri shinomiya with gyaru lesbian friend
  • topless gyaru about to be stripped by lesbian friend
  • kissing japanese lesbians during strap on sex
  • outdoor japanese lesbian nanpa in tokyo
Would You Be My Lesbian Friend? Returns Part One SubtitledHDExclusive (November 28 2016)

More Japanese lesbian AV stars target even more straight women in this fantastic continuation of same-sex nanpa by HOT ENTERTAINMENT.

  • tsubaki katou asks amateur woman to cook for her
  • tsubaki katou turns panties into thong
  • japanese lesbian oral sex with katou tsubaki
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Newhalfs Who Visit Public Bathhouses SubtitledHDExclusive (October 07 2016)

Fantastic prank theme title by HOT ENTERTAINMENT featuring beautiful newhalfs who enter public bathhouses to engage in some reverse nanpa.

  • newhalfs who visit public bathhouses
  • distraught japanese newhalf rejected customer
  • deep kissing japanese newhalf foreplay
  • deep kissing japanese newhalf chiaki takimi
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