Pee Desperation

Japanese women challenge themselves to holding in their pee! Of course, this is the foundation for titles found here which will build greatly upon that including releases that involve some very well-timed pranks.

Liquid Deliverance Countdown Denied Bonus Timer SubtitledHDExclusive (March 27 2017)

Another batch of bona fied Japanese amateurs hold in their pee to near unspeakable great lengths in this Full HD Pee Desperation title by HAISETSU.

  • crouching japanese amateur panties visible
  • timed japanese pee desperation challenge
  • urinating japanese amateur upskirt
  • pale japanese woman flashes breasts
  • beauitful pee desperation failure
  • bottomless pale amateur stares at her pee
The Start-Stop-Repeat Urination Game SubtitledHDExclusive (October 14 2016)

Hellishly intense Japanese pee desperation featuring the HAISETSU amateurs attempting to stop their urination mid-flow again and again and…

  • zoomed in japanese woman in swimsuit peeing
  • the face of japanese pee desperation
  • japanese woman with pitcher of pee
  • squatting and urinating japanese office lady
  • zoomed in embarrassed japanese ol urination challenge
  • zoomed in squatting and urinating japanese woman
The Countdown to Liquid Salvation SubtitledHDExclusive (August 29 2016)

Japanese Pee Desperation with a prank bonus in the form of two timers dictating when squirming amateurs can finally relieve themselves by HAISETSU.

  • amateur japanese woman measures urine output
  • waist measurement before pee challenge
  • squirming japanese amateur holds in pee
  • squatting to pee after holding it in
  • swollen from pee japanese amateur
  • pee desperation failure
The Standing Trial SubtitledHDExclusive (April 16 2016)

HAISETSU returns with more authentic amateurs taking part in a very abnormal pee desperation challenge all about literally going the distance while standin...

  • Japanese woman wants to pee
  • Japanese woman pees while stnading
  • Shy no panties Japanese amateur woman
  • Short Japanese woman needs to pee bad
  • Pee desperation with Japanese schoolgirl
  • Authentic Japanese Pee Desperation
Simultaneous Farting and Peeing SubtitledHDExclusive (January 09 2016)

Real Japanese amateurs do the unthinkably embarrassing by stripping bottomless to fart and pee at the same time by HAISETSU.

  • Spread legged bottomless farting in Japan
  • Amateur shaved Japanese woman farting
  • Japanese woman farts and pees at same time
  • Half squatting half nude farting Japanese  amateur
  • Butt in air farting Japanese woman
  • Spread eagle bottomless Japanese pee desparation with farting