Classic AV Stars

Japanese AV stars of the 2000's and before you can find here. Some releases below are uncensored and others are not. We highly recommend both! Remember the golden years of Japanese AV were the early 2000's. Production values were higher back then compared to today.

False Idol Yaya Matsuura SubtitledUncensored (November 15 2017)

Fans of Japanese idols from the last decade should have a sound idea as to whom Yaya Matsuura resembles in this classic mosaic-removed release by VIRTUAL W...

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Miho - My Nurse Infatuation Subtitled (November 01 2017)

Miho-chan is a real life nurse in Japan and with a busy schedule and no boyfriend decides to do JAV in this unique title by GUTS.

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Maho Aizawa Handjob Specialist SubtitledUncensored (August 09 2017)

Classic and uncensored Japanese AV by means of VIRTUAL WAVE featuring Maho Aizawa being the target of predictably dominant men.

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False Idol with Momoka Yamaguchi SubtitledUncensored (July 05 2017)

VIRTUAL WAVE found another lookalike in this classic mosaic-lifted update and this time the actress bears an uncanny resemblance to a 1970 pop icon.

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Mai Haruna Ascension to Bondage SubtitledUncensored (May 17 2017)

An extra dose of a voluptuous Japanese AV star of yesteryear Mai Haruna in a mosaic-lifted uncensored title by VIRTUAL WAVE.

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  • smiling haruna mai gives handjob
  • pov glans focus handjob uncensored
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The Other Side of Busty with Mai Haruna SubtitledUncensored (March 22 2017)

Classic voluptuous Japanese AV actress Mai Haruna does this and that with an obvious hardcore focus in this mosaic-removed release by VIRTUAL WAVE.

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Reimi Matsukawa Coitus Neverending SubtitledUncensored (February 08 2017)

Classic Japanese AV with mosaic removed by VIRTUAL WAVE starring a very hands on Reimi Matsukawa.

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False Idol Application starring Aki Katou SubtitledUncensored (October 26 2016)

Short hair on women often breaks looks more often than not but fortunately for Aki Katou it's a double blessing in this fun uncensored release by VIRTUAL W...

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My Lecherous Ruru Sakurai SubtitledUncensored (October 10 2016)

Ruru Sakurai returns for perhaps one last bout of embarrassing vibrator play and more in this master tape uncensored release from the VIRTUAL WAVE archives...

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Virtual Fetish Angle with Hana Matsuzawa SubtitledUncensored (September 14 2016)

VIRTUAL WAVE shows us a very intimate look at a gyaru of yesteryear played by the perpetually embarrassed yet aroused Hana Matsusawa.

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Aya Otosaki in The Limits of Sensitivity Subtitled (August 03 2016)

Highly popular Japanese AV star Aya Otosaki of yesterday goes purely masochistic in a title combining mourning with medicine and even a dungeon by GUTS.

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Nurse Gyaru Ejaculation Technician with Remi Aoi SubtitledUncensored (July 27 2016)

Japanese gyaru Remi Aoi in quite possibly her first and only AV release where she plays a timid nurse amidst lecherous doctors and patients by VIRTUAL WAVE...

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Beyond G-Cup with Juri Matsuzaka SubtitledUncensored (June 15 2016)

Juri Matsuzaka bound but highly exposed perfectly portrays a classically submissive Japanese AV star in this uncensored master tape release by VIRTUAL WAVE...

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Flower Sex Document with Akira Watase Subtitled (March 23 2016)

Super pale and long-legged Japanese AV star of yesteryear AKIRA WATASE has no qualms about engaging some somewhat unconventional sex by GUTS.

  • Akira Watase Flower Sex Document AV
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Sperm Injection Starring Mana Iizuka SubtitledUncensored (March 09 2016)

Pale strip club dancer Maya Iizuka decides to do AV on the side in this mosaic lifted uncensored production featuring some very authentic sex by VIRTUAL WA...

  • Sperm Injection with Mana Iizuka
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