Cosplay is a small, but active niche of Japanese AV we have barely scratched the surface of here at ZENRA. This will change beginning in the spring of 2016 via our partnership with TOSHIAKI, an indies production company whose titles are directed by ZeNrA (no relation), the same director of the incredibly popular Perverting the Paranormal series. TOSHIAKI can be considered Japanese AV by otakus for otakus and is an optimal way to experience the moe of Akihabara without all the epileptic flashes.

Ami Kasai Cosplay Course SubtitledHDExclusive (August 22 2016)

Ami Kasai with her plus sized breasts and premium pout go full on cosplay to suit the needs of some wildly specific otaku fantasies by TOSHIAKI.

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Mitsu Satou Cosplay Course SubtitledHDExclusive (May 07 2016)

Born for cosplay MITSU SATOU goes full-on Monster Hunters Giraffe in this non-linear virtual date-themed AV title by TOSHIAKI.

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