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We discovered this club that has such a unique fetish that an appropriate adjective has not yet been created by being introduced to FETI-FES, Tokyo's most famous Japanese fetish subculture festival. There, along with other gatherings of those who prefer adult activities with an extra dose of individuality was a very popular booth run by promoters dressed from head to toe—literally!--in intricately designed fabric. They are the TOKYO ZENTAI CLUB. Along with unique club performances, they produce videos as well. It's hard to call what they do when the cameras are rolling 'traditional' Japanese AV.

My First Time in Zentailand Exclusive (April 30 2016)

Even we are not sure whether to call this TOKYO ZENTAI CLUB movie an erotic performance art piece or maniac Japanese AV but definitely check it out either...

  • Genital rubbing Zentai style
  • Exposed Japanese woman in Zentai suit
  • Japanese Zentai couple simulated coitus
  • Shy Japanese woman in Zentai uniform covers chest
  • Pale Japanese woman entering Zentai
  • Zentailand with amateur Japanese woman
Tokyo Zentai Club No Touching Event Snafu SubtitledExclusive (December 05 2015)

TOKYO ZENTAI CLUB returns with a harder production featuring a bizarre photography club session gone awry.

  • Japanese woman tries on Zentai suit
  • Nude Japanese woman from behind trying on Zentai suit
  • First time in a Zentai suit
  • Embarrassed Japanese woman covers crotch
  • Erection sock full body fabric handjob
  • Extra saliva around Zentai mask
Welcome to Tokyo Zentai Club Exclusive (July 18 2015)

Welcome to the TOKYO ZENTAI CLUB featuring an all female Japanese cast dressed from head to toe in form fitting Lycra.

  • Butt in air covered in total Zentai
  • Pink snake print zentai butt
  • Tokyo Zentai Club women on bed
  • Covered faces of Tokyo Zentai Club
  • Group exploration on bed for Zentai Club
  • Butts in action for Tokyo Zentai Club