Have you heard of RASH? Unless you're a major fan of some very unique fetishes, the name may not ring a bell. Their sub-labels which are almost treated as individual entities are where some of the ears of Japanese AV aficionados may perk up: JUNK HOUSE, BIZARRE STYLE, and BIZARRE HOUSE. Adult video of a straight-forward nature is not what this incredibly long-running production company helmed by the famous RUSHER MIYOSHI is known for. Rather, their output consists of ample doses of gokkun, extreme femdom, and bodily excretions of an oral nature.

Hibiki Otsuki - Sticky Neverending Sperm SubtitledExclusive (March 05 2018)

JAV legend Hibiki Otsuki returns for more cum-swallowing gokkun via RASH in a release that perfectly shows off her impressive and loud blowjob technique.

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Misaki Oishi - Sticky Neverending Sperm SubtitledExclusive (December 08 2017)

Bilingual JAV star Misaki Oishi loves gokkun more than the world itself in this cum swallowing title by RASH.

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Anna Okina - Sticky Neverending Sperm SubtitledExclusive (October 06 2017)

JAV star Anna Okina of many names and breasts that are textbook bolt on stars in a wonderful gokkun release by RASH.

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Teasing the Throat-Dick SubtitledExclusive (August 04 2017)

It is crazy to think that RASH somehow made a maniac domination title entirely focused on how one can tease the uvula but they did it!

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The Foul-Mouthed Revolution of Akari Hoshino SubtitledExclusive (June 05 2017)

Industry legend Akari Hoshino has traversed from schoolgirl roles into that of fiery cougars and holds back nothing in the RASH tribute dirty word play.

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Arisa Nakano Wants To Drink Your Semen SubtitledExclusive (April 14 2017)

Classically beautiful Arisa Nakano shows her devotion to blowjobs and sticky semen swallowing in this topnotch gokkun release by RASH.

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I Want to be the Masochistic Pet of Tsubaki Katou SubtitledExclusive (March 10 2017)

Japanese AV legend Tsubaki Katou spends her free time training masochistic male pets in the most unusual ways in a heavy femdom title by RASH.

  • i want to become the masochistic pet of tsubaki katou
  • katou tsubaki gently rubs glans
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Sticky Neverending Sperm with Tsugumi Mutou SubtitledExclusive (January 27 2017)

Adorable nineteen year old Tsugumi Mutou goes full maniac in a delicious gokkun title by RASH with a heavy emphasis on sticky white goo.

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Marica Hase in My Gokkun Anniversary SubtitledExclusive (December 23 2016)

Marica Hase before her now super famous US porn star career starred in a slew of Japanese AV titles such as this fantastic POV-themed gokkun release by RAS...

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Extremis by Means of Facesitting with Reiko Nakamori SubtitledExclusive (November 18 2016)

Reiko Nakamori boasts a rare hourglass figure complete with abominable thunder thighs in this bona fied maniac facesitting title by RASH.

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Hibiki Otsuki Gokkun Semen Receptacle SubtitledExclusive (September 09 2016)

The ultra popular Hibiki Otsuki finally does gokkun in the most amorous ways in a title by RASH with more cumshots with swallowing than we can keep count o...

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Sticky Semen Storage with Tsubaki Katou SubtitledExclusive (July 30 2016)

Japanese AV legend Tsubaki Katou with a career spanning a decade finally does a fantastic pure gokkun title by RASH.

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Chigusa Hara - Twenty Ejaculations and Counting SubtitledExclusive (May 21 2016)

Extremely bubbly Chigusa Hara happily enters into a gokkun contract featuring her downing dozens of ejaculations by RASH.

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Nonjudgmental Semen Reception and Handling Specialist with Hikari Hino SubtitledExclusive (March 19 2016)

The lightly voluptuous HIKARI HINO gives the already popular RASH GOKKUN series a highly erotic boost with this lewd woman take on salacious semen handling...

  • Hikari Hino Gokkun Specialist RASH
  • Hikari Hino goes for a double blowjob
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Stopping Ejaculation Again and Again for 24 Hours with Mari Hosokawa SubtitledExclusive (January 30 2016)

Brutal Japanese femdom starring a voluptuous dominatrix who keeps her male volunteer on the verge of an orgasm for 24 hours by RASH.

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