Stop the Time - Shameless Sento Harem Part One

At Your Local Bathhouse!

Stop the Time - Shameless Sento Harem
Part One with English Subtitles
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Did you ever just want to stop the time in the presence of beautiful women and them?

That's the basis for the incredibly long running STOP THE TIME series by V&R.  This is a pretty novel concept that many JAV makers have emulated throughout the years.  However, let it be known here once again that V&R is the pioneer of this series.  Nobody was doing it before them and if you want to see "time stop JAV' with big casts doing really weird things, you can't go wrong with their releases.

STOP THE TIME - SHAMELESS SENTO HAREM is extra special as this title was originally released as an AV-OPEN contender.  That means extra big budgets to hire bigger casts because frankly in this author's opinion, AV OPEN is pretty much "ORGY OPEN".  I'd love to see a JAV contest that awards titles more on unique themes and technical achievements, but at the end of the day it's sex that sells and nine out of ten times, the more women in the picture, the better!

STOP THE TIME focuses on the antics of a neighborhood sento.  For those not too familiar with that word, 'sento' are 'onsen' in that while they are bathhouses, the water is not mountain spring water and usually the premises only include bathing and not much else.  Generally when a Japanese person makes reference to a full-fledged 'onsen', it's more in line with a luxurious and traditional ryokan.  Think indoor and outdoor baths, banquet halls, lodging, and amazingly good food.  Also very pricey whereas a neighborhood sento even in this day in age may run you 500 yen or so ($5USD).

Now did you ever want to 'invade' a sento--the female bathing area of course--and pause time?  Real life sentos probably have more grannies in them than pretty young JAV stars, but throwing away that pesky fact and letting our imaginations run riot will lead to some wonderful and heterodox play.  You can't go wrong with a stark naked tower of women.  Or how about just a stark naked pile of women?  Want to cum into a glass of coffee and then restart time to see what kind of reaction that'll spawn?  That's covered as are those piles and they're both just the tips of the iceberg.

Aside from the foursome (of a devil's variety...ugh...) finale, this is a solid JAV release.  In fact, due to just how fine a figure MINAMI NATSUKI possesses, that odd duck of a last scene also is worth many repeat viewings.  STOP THE TIME is a rare example of huge casts and a cloying amount of campiness in modern JAV.  You really don't see studios push out titles like this one often anymore and that's a shame.  We've more to show from this series and we will pray with everyone that sometime in the future more makers test the waters again with grandiose ideas all about unusual sex.

Cast list:  Misaki Kanna, Minami Natsuki, Haruna Ayane, Rina Usaki, Arisu Mizushima, Shinobu Oishi, Karina Tanaka, Miisa Yuzuha, Nozomi Okamoto, and Yui Yasaki

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