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Productions that star curious women doing things with other like-minded women.

Aoyama Massage Clinic for Women 92 SubtitledExclusive (January 09 2017)

The CFNF world of the Aoyama Lesbian Massage Clinic featuring a clothed therapist and a trio of embarrassed and naked female clients by GOGOS.

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Would You Be My Lesbian Friend? Returns Part Two SubtitledHDExclusive (December 02 2016)

HOT ENTERTAINMENT returns again with the conclusion to this same-sex Japanese lesbian nanpa release featuring real amateur women.

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Would You Be My Lesbian Friend? Returns Part One SubtitledHDExclusive (November 28 2016)

More Japanese lesbian AV stars target even more straight women in this fantastic continuation of same-sex nanpa by HOT ENTERTAINMENT.

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First Time Lesbians Secret Hot Springs Vacation 1 Part Two SubtitledExclusive (November 04 2016)

The second half of first time Japanese lesbians who embark on a hot springs getaway for their first taste of same-sex physical romance from GOGOS.

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First Time Lesbians Secret Hot Springs Vacation 1 Part One SubtitledExclusive (October 31 2016)

Authentic Japanese lesbian hot springs document AV featuring first time women who never had a same-sex relationship until now by GOGOS.

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