Bako Bako Bus Tour 2009

Six Subtitled Hours of Japanese Group Sex Games

Bako Bako Bus Tour 2009
with English Subtitles

Hot spring tours are a popular past time in the cold, Japanese winters. What's better to do when it's freezing and all-around bitter outside than to strip naked and relax in a steaming hot bath pumped full of natural spring water (and if you're not so lucky or live in a city, cross out spring water and write in tap water) that leaves your body soft and your mind relaxed?

Everyone needs a holiday and what better than to take one the traditional way? In this case, traditional has been modified a bit to turn this outing from a group of co-workers or large family into two groups of able-bodied people, one of famous Japanese AV idol porn stars and the other, a group of their most devout followers.

The Bako Bako Bus Tour of 2009 starts with the two groups converging on a bus and already the sexual games begin in full force with a french-kiss introduction for each of the newly formed couples followed by their first of many group orgies.

Throughout the weekend there are many different types of games and events planned out with the majority of them being searingly sexual. There is a nudist track and field event the porn stars (now bottomless with a buzzing on its highest setting vibrator shoved between their trembling legs) must compete through and the prize at the end is a hard cock of one of their fans standing high for attention. Also, the whole concept of a blind-date has been upped several notches to the level of a blind blowjob. With the porn star having her face covered in jizz and her partner red-faced and light limbed, greeting each other must sure be embarrassing!

It also must be mentioned about the crazy ass inspection that happens after dinner on the first night: all the porn stars line up naked behind a black tarp and get on all fours to expose their asses and it's up to their fans to guess which asshole belongs to whom and if they get it'll have to see that one for yourself.

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