Subtitled Japanese 500 People Sex

500 Japanese college students gather to create the largest orgy ever with subtitles

500 People Sex
with English Subtitles

To help with the declining population problem that Japan has been facing for years, the government has tried to come up with a gamut of options to artificially increase the country's population of young people. It's a very well-known fact that when there are more elderly than young folk, you have a problem because at some point in time, the former will need the latter to take care of them!

One of the ideas was to import more foreign workers and although this has been working to some level of success, only a very small percentage chose to remain in the country after their initial working period expires. The government has also created a monthly 'allowance' for new families in order to help them keep up with living expenses and although this has helped a bunch for CURRENT families, it's still not enough of an incentive for young people to find a significant other, date, marry, and eventually if things go right, create a family.

Due to these failures and mild successes, something drastic had to be done and following Japan's track record for doing whacky things in the face of adversary, they took the concept of a blind date and amplified it several-fold to a massive—gargantuan—group sex event featuring 250 college student couples—500 people!--who have met only for the first time now in their birthday suits.

The way the event was organized was that the females with what is considered the most desirable body types are matched with fellow students who have scored the best on exams. Thus, if you received an A, you get the slim naked Japanese girl majoring in chemistry with the rocking D-cup breasts. If you received a D....well, they'll find someTHING for you as long as you are open-minded!

Each group, a naked female student and her new boyfriend meet for the first time in an huge open air arena that is entirely covered by futons and in a unique take on group coordination events (another thing the Japanese are well known for), the male students are instructed on what exactly to do: first, it's simply to embrace their naked girlfriends and begin making out with them. Next, with the initial soft oral greeting out of the way, they are now told to start fondling their date's soft breasts from behind and soon after to migrate a free hand down south to begin gently fingering her by-now incredibly wet slit.

At this point, things take on a more heavy turn as the next step in this group blind date from heaven is to have all 500 20-year-old participants engage in what's most likely the largest group 69 ever put on tape. Imagine walking into this room if you were a priest: the site would cause him to go blind instantly! With 69's complete and most likely, some nuts already busted and some girls on orgasms #2 or #3, the actual intercourse portion of the 'blind' orgy begins and from here on, we see all of the remaining naked couples going from rough doggy style sex to missionary, and more to the orders of the unseen announcer.

Lastly, in an almost touching epilogue, we see a mass of naked bodies lying casually on their futons lightly caressing each other finally doing something they haven't done since the start of the huge group orgy event: talking! Perhaps at the end of the day, some families were created from this super orgy after all.

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