Subtitled Japanese Human Farm

Nefarious and Bizarre ENF CMNF Compound

Human Farm
with English Subtitles

In a futuristic dystopian society that parallels the one shown here with the female Japanese prison guards and the CFNM milk factory, we are taken to a special 'farm' where the definition of livestock has been replaced with totally naked Japanese girls.

In this mockumentary, we are taken along with an outgoing Japanese reporter and her film crew that they are on route to a hidden location that raises women for sale to their future owners (it seems like owning cute nudist Japanese girls is the norm) and are shown the process from the initial admission of new livestock where they are emptied already-naked out of a war-era truck in need of dire maintenance all the way to the very end still without wearing a shred of fabric to cover their exposed womanly bits.

These nudist female Japanese 'livestock' have been bred to love one thing above else: cock. During the news recording, one of the farmers encourages a cameraman to let it hang out and the moment his southern general peeks out, a swarm of naked Japanese girls crawls towards him with mouths already open eager to take in his swelling member.

One of the more bizarre things shown in this mockumentary are the experiments done on these nudist girls to enhance their sexual sensitivity: we see something that appears to be a cross between sci-fi and bondage as the stark naked girls are all tied up with their legs spread as if they were sitting in a gynecologist’s exam table while their nipples and exposed dripping slits are toyed and pleasured with a high power industrial strength vibrator.

Towards the end we find that so long as one is a women, the allure of the Human Farm is too strong to resists even for the strong-willed and the fate of our newscaster has become entwined to that of her new nude livestock friends and their ever-lasting pre-programmed love for a man's unique southern hardness.

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