Bako Bako Bus Tour 2007

Japanese AV Weekend Orgy Retreat with Subtitles

Bako Bako Bus Tour 2007
with English Subtitles

Ever year, as is tradition, many Japanese companies close up shop for a few days—perhaps over a long weekend such as September's Silver Week—and head to a ryokan resort. What is a ryokan exactly? Picture an old-fashioned Japanese house, amplify it's size several degrees so it holds perhaps a half dozen or more large sized open-aired Japanese group bedrooms (essentially a large room with tatami flooring, a few small tables, and futons laid out if it's bed time). Before bed of course, guests are served a fantastic, delicious multi-course Japanese cousine and after (and sometimes before as well time permitting) patrons of the ryokan will bathe in the attached onsen.

Although it's usually companies that make these excursions, many a time it's a group of friends or an extended family. Sometimes, it's neither. Sometimes, it's a loud and outrageous group of Japanese teen girls classified as gyaru and middle-age 'otaku' who are footing the bill!

The sex games begin as soon as they arrive with the horny teens changing into very revealing bathing suits which are somewhat meaningless because soon after they are already out of them sitting butt naked around one of the horny otaku lying face down with his boner pointing up like a joystick. Imagine the sensation that this lucky fellow must feel as two Japanese girls lick him from head to navel as another French kisses him while two others sit naked on his legs rubbing their pussies to and fro while another two use their tongues on every inch of his throbbing hardon and balls while another one uses her wet, long tongue on his sensitive taint. What an experience!

Later on that same night, the level of group horniness rises several notches with a unique take on a 'blind date'. In this case the blind part is literal as the girls are truly blindfolded but it's not so much as a date as it is a blind blowjob. Seeing multiple rows of tan Japanese cuties in very skimpy string bikinis giving fellatio blindfolded is definitely one of the seven wonders of the modern Japanese world.

Of course an event like this can't end without MULTIPLE orgies in the outdoor luxurious hot spring and group swinging parties back in their huge open-air hotel room. Thanks to some unique camerawork from above, we can see every couple consisting of a man-woman, man-woman-woman, and more in every possible sexual angle conceivable.

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