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Bako Bako Bus Tour 2006
~Stark Naked Edition~
with English Subtitles

Ever year, as is tradition, many Japanese companies close up shop for a few days—perhaps over a long weekend such as September's Silver Week—and head to a ryokan resort. What is a ryokan exactly? Picture an old-fashioned Japanese house, amplify it's size several degrees so it holds perhaps a half dozen or more large sized open-aired Japanese group bedrooms (essentially a large room with tatami flooring, a few small tables, and futons laid out if it's bed time). Before bed of course, guests are served a fantastic, delicious multi-course Japanese cousine and after (and sometimes before as well time permitting) patrons of the ryokan will bathe in the attached onsen.

Everyone needs a holiday and what better than to take one the traditional way? In this case, traditional has been modified a bit to turn this outing from a group of co-workers or large family into two groups of able-bodied people, one of famous Japanese AV idol porn stars and the other, a group of their most devout followers.

Without much further adieu post one-on-one introductions, the sexual fun begins in earnest on the bus ride to the hot spring resort with newly formed couples stripping each other naked and exploring every inch of each others most private regions amidst other like-minded couples—one experienced and one a 'newbie'--moaning in passion as dicks are sucked, breasts licked, and every sensitive hole finds pleasure through the smooth caressing of eager female hands.

Being filmed in the southern part of Japan, outdoor activities provide much of the entertainment as we are soon greeted with a refreshed group of Japanese porn stars with decades of combined sexual forte under their belts (or lack of them because they are going to practice their group outdoor nudism skills for the entire weekend!) as they present their naked and waiting bodies for the first of many sexual escapades.

It isn't long before groups of these horny Japanese nudists are formed and we see a few of the girls sipping on pina coladas with their legs spread eagle while their wet pussys are getting eaten out by horny Japanese 'otakus' who apparently can't afford the smooth sweetness of a mixed drink thus chose to settle on Japanese porn juice instead.

Fortunately, aware of their horny partner's plights, these lovable naked Japanese porn stars reciprocate their pleasure by taking turns swarming around each lucky male patron while he lays supine with his cock pointing up in the sky. Groups of four naked girls with small tits, large tits, small butts, big butts, tan and pale alike all lick, suck, caress, stroke, and massage every centimeter of exposed skin with special attention on those more sensitive areas that men need the most 'help' with and as orgasms erupt from all directions, it's quite a site to behold—a harem from heaven brought to life.

Later that night, we see the action continue to plod forward as each of the nudist porn stars are randomly assigned a cock in a unique take on a 'blind' group blowjob experience. With a huge group of nudist Japanese sucking their assigned hardons, it's to be expected that eventually, the blind blowjob dates will quickly progress in an massive group orgy with everything on the table.

Finally, after one of the many orgies finishes it's course in the wee hours of the morning, still energized, we see the entire group of naked couples bathe in their own private hot spring bath. Of course, with this much sex in the air, there will be no one left to wash up alone. Each Japanese porn star lathers up her smooth body and then rubs herself to and fro over every bit of her assigned dates bodies beginning with sliding her smooth, lubricated and soapy pussy over his arms and legs followed by rubbing her smooth breasts across his entire upper body slowing down seductively on his hard-once-again penis smiling all the way and hinting at what's about to come next.

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