Nudist Japanese Sports Games Subtitled

Crazy Japanese naturist sporting event featuring 64 women

Zenra Sports Series Volume 2
with English Subtitles

Welcome to one of the very first all-nude Japanese girl sport championships! In what seems like a blast from the past, we are introduced to a huge assortment of attractive Japanese girls from the Juliana-bodykon era of Japanese pop culture (for those unfamiliar, mid to late 90's) featuring pale-skinned beauties with slim bodies, long hair either naturally black or dyed a shade of brown, and short bangs to keep the face free from distraction.

The first thing that occurs before the actual Japanese nudist sporting events begin is the girls one-by-one step up onto a stage under dim, pink lighting and strip to the nude. Some are very proud of their assets while others have extreme difficulty hiding their shyness and embarrassment while doing their best to cover there helplessly exposed womanly bits to the cheers and delights of other stark naked Japanese female participants.

The first nudist game on the agenda is a mass 4-way tug-of-war featured the gargantuan assortment of Japanese girls now clad in knee wraps and wrist bands of their team's color along with white footwear for safety (and nothing else!) as they heave and ho with unchained gusto trying to defeat their arch rivals. Seeing dozens of stark naked Japanese girls exert themselves while nearly every inch of their flesh is exposed, strained, and sweaty for the running cameras is quite a site!

Following the massive Japanese nudist tug-of-war, a gamut of sprinting-type games commences such as a all-naked shuttle run featuring bouncing breasts, panting girls, and a whole lot of enthusiastic high-pitched cheering that Japanese girls are known to do during their sports events back when they were still students. Even though this contest is just for 'fun', many of these nudist beauties really give it their all and seeing sobbing faces on the losing teams nudist roster is quite the norm. Nevertheless, the games continue and from angles ranging from an overhead shot to see all of the action at once all the way down to extreme closeups where they matter most, we receive the privilege to see everything and anything these newbie nudists have to offer!

Later on as the cardiovascular challenges wind down, various naked Japanese body elasticity tests are commenced. We view these still naked as jaybird Japanese cuties take to the mat-covered floors with their hand crossed and placed on their sweet, soft rear ends as they raise there upper bodies to see who has the most flexible upper body. There were a few instances of foul play such as these cute slightly older milf nudist with the large rack who had her nipples playfully tweaked as she raised up causing her to slam back down to the ground in happy hysterics but for the most part, these stark naked girls were (almost) all business!

One of the last tests of flexibility involved the girls to line up in neat rows and bend down to touch their toes (or the floor if they could reach that far). Each girl was then asked to hold this pose for one minute while a special camera crew with a lens pointing right up where it matters most (ie, their cute exposed Japanese butts) walked to and fro down each row recording the 8th wonder of the modern world for the sake of posterity.

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