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Collection of Works ~ Ganari Takahashi
with English Subtitles

The concept of strangeness and Japanese media has been around for a long time. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT something that has sprung up only recently. Going back even to the glorious bubbly days of the 80's where the hair was big and permed, small plots of land in the heart of Tokyo had values that ballooned to more than the GDP of small countries, and every building no matter how tiny and insignificant had cute Japanese girls manning the elevators. Today though, many of these things are long gone (well, you can still find elevator girls in some high-end department stores and touristy locations) but the media still has the same mindset it has kept for decades now.

Going back to the mid to late 90's, we see the pinnacle of the art of Japanese adult entertainment with a special focus on its weird aspects that make it so fun to watch. Plain old vanilla porn may be fine for some people but even with a beautiful actress in the heat of passion can only be entertaining for so long. For something truly 'out there', you have to leave it up to the Japanese and their zany antics and also unabashed nudity in bizarre situations!

In a fun take on old-fashioned public nudity, we see a couple engage in fellatio behind what appears to be a one-way mirror; the people on the outside can only see their reflection and thus go on with their lives as if everything was unchanged. However, our couple goes at it with gusto only inches away from these unsuspecting masses. How far they go without being caught is truly amazing!

Another interesting blast from the past is some footage from the first annual Japan Pubic Hair Expo which features famous national hair stylists who turn plain old black, bushy, straight female Japanese public hair into stunning works of art on their totally naked non-body-conscious Japanese models. It's quite a site to see these unabashed nudists parade down the stage with smooth, conditioned and treated hair and a coat of foundation not on their face but on their crotches! The girl who one the contest features something down south that is beyond the function of words so you'll have to see it for yourself!

Now, how many stark naked Japanese girls can fit in a phone booth? If you ever had the inkling to know the answer to this often-asked-at-dinner-parties question, then look no further as it will be scientifically proven through a hands-on test with live, nudist Japanese girls in an outdoor public field. The spectators are surely going to have an amazing story to tell when they get home and sadly, no one will probably believe what they saw! As for the answer to this question...whatever number you are thinking of, you're most likely off.

One of the later clips shows us a unique Japanese office that has employed new office lady staff members. To make things more interested in this mundane office environment, they have asked them to work totally in the nude! Yes, that's right; nudist Japanese office ladies. At first the reaction of their co-workers is truly priceless—especially when they 'accidentally' drop papers on the floor resulting in them picking them up without bending at the knees and thus exposing their unclothed asses and slits. We also see them encourage non-productive employees by giving 'covert' blowjobs from underneath the desk.

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Erotic Energy
with English Subtitles

Not that long ago a musical group consisting of twelve cute Chinese girls made a big splash in Japan by turning famous Japanese pop songs into orchestral arrangements with a Chinese flair. Being the boom-centric country that Japan is, local record companies shifted production to warp speeds—if not ludicrous speed levels to achieve their own classical music troops of cute Japanese girls and the results were unfortunately somewhat mixed.

It wasn't that much longer before a similarly-themed adult film production also took advantage of this boom and drafted twelve cute Japanese girls in revealing red Cheongsam dresses that loved to have fun in groups of twelve. Taking the concept of synchronized love-making and huge group orgies that the Japanese are well-known for and moving it to a new and unique level, these twelve one-time starlets shed their tight-fitting attire with the seductive leg slit and turn the lives of a large group of very lucky men into a musical sexual Japanese harem.

We are greeted to the sites of such fun and kinky things like taking a happy, naked male volunteer and having him sit with his legs up and behind his head so each Japanese seductress can use her powerful tongue to do things to his most exposed anal and taint area that the majority of by-the-book couples never have a chance to do. The fact that each of these twelve outgoing Japanese girls orderly lines up for their chance to enter slurp city is something that is truly otherworldly.

Taking a break from dealing with the opposite sex for a bit, we see these twelve cute Japanese girls strip whatever clothing they had left and stay totally naked for the rest of the production. Even more sexually charged now that they are all in their birthday suits with their most private and personal—and dripping regions on display, the fun continues but this time with a strong lesbian theme as we see the girls create a circle lick with each naked Japanese girl engaging in cunnilingus with the next girl in front of her forming a never-ending erotic sphere of slurps, moans, and multiple orgasms. After each girl has sufficiently reached her cumming quota for the time being, in a somewhat tender seen we see the dozen naked beauties lie down next to each other and take a short snooze in preparation for what's about to happen next.

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