The Salacious Mind Rehabilitation Program for An Takase

A Guided Descent Into Extreme Debauchery


The Salacious Mind Rehabilitation Program for An Takase
with English Subtitles


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AN TAKASE has a problem.

Well, a worry.  Actually, a few of them.

First, there's the issue of her kinda sorta falling in love with her potential best friend.  He's almost flawless in her eyes.  He can almost do no wrong.

"However, he does drink hard and parties harder, but works triple to make for it..."

Then there's her weight and yea yea yea we get it--she doesn't look fat at all.  We totally agree, but no amount of convincing will make AN TAKASE think otherwise.  She thinks she overeats on sweet foods, but who doesn't?

Anyway, her worries are the cause for her to seek some extra help and working the extreme hours wedding planners (her occupation in this release), it's amazing she found several hours to meet a very unique "life coach."

Yes, we put that in quotes because one of the things not explained in this rather unorthodox update is just who exactly leads this very private and erotic SALACIOUS MIND REHABILITATION PROGRAM FOR AN TAKASE.  What goes on and who in their right mind would book a session knowing the extreme acts of prurient exploration that it involves?

Does An even know?  Will this even work?

COLLECTOR is known for having a unique sense when it comes to producing Japanese AV.  This release starring the 28 year-old AN TAKASE who albeit her slightly advanced age was a newcomer to the AV biz at the time, stars in the first and so far only title under their SALACIOUS MIND series banner.  What was done for this title was take the tried-and-true concept of the very cute girl-next-door type of Japanese woman and put her through sexual relations that those outside of the adult industry rarely have a chance in partaking in.

However, simply throwing an amateur into coitus gymnastics is fine and dandy, but COLLECTOR will never settle for a regular hardcore attack on the senses.  Something unique must also be added.  Some element that causes fans to flock and bottles of lotions to be popped open.  With SALACIOUS MIND they find a novel way to introduce the very rarely used 'sexual rehabilitation' theme and it was put to a very successful test with AN TAKASE's descent into orgasms beyond count.

What was put to great use here was the slow and steady buildup to full-on group sex by the conclusion of this release.  SALACIOUS MIND was not a collection of short, but slightly related scenes--the cornerstone to 'document AV' releases.  This was not necessarily a bad thing, but given the vibe of an off-camera therapist guiding AN TAKASE down a path to erotic liberation, pausing for a set change would make little sense.

Here, the action starts and ends in the same hotel room, but the journey to the butt-slapping finale was slow, smooth, steady, kind of strange, but very, very arousing for all involved parties.

Props also must be given to COLLECTOR for finding someone such as AN TAKASE to take part.  She's been a AV star for a couple of years now, but still should be a fresh face for most fans of the industry.  We didn't know what to expect when we saw the cover on their site.  She's certainly cute, but once we began to subtitle the movie, we quickly fell into beat following her cute high-pitched candor from a nervous wedding planner full of trite problems to a caterwauling, naked, and sweaty woman punching holes through orgasm after orgasm as her sexual therapist gently twisted one of her erect nipples.

Titles such as the SALACIOUS MIND REHABILITATION PROGRAM FOR AN TAKASE are wonderful examples of how Japanese AV can frequently think way outside of the box.  Now, it's not like a release such as this could ever be done in the west, but given the current climate of 'hardcore sells', longer pieces with more elaborate schemes that finally lead to sex after almost an hour of heated foreplay are rarities.  This was a journey for AN TAKASE, for her male helpers, for the prurient therapist, and for everyone watching.  This was a slow-burning release that requires patience to fully appreciate, but we know ZENRA subscribers have what it takes thanks to the inclusion of our exclusive English subtitles.

AN TAKASE may now have a mind that's overtly SALACIOUS, but is she alone?  We doubt it.


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