Doctor's Dangerous Day Demonstration

Embarrassed Older Japanese Women Bare All at the Clinic with Subtitles

Doctor's Dangerous Day Demonstration
with English Subtitles

Pregnancy and Japan are not bedfellows. Although certain parts of the country are still stuck in a 1950's mindset of the women commanding the home life while forsaking employment, things are less cut and dry in the cities where the bulk of Japan's population resides. The government is well aware of the impending population crisis building with pension-siphoning retirees outnumbering the able-bodied shakaijin--or those still doing their part in society--and is trying hard to foster an environment of procreation.

Even local clinics are taking part such as this cozy one helmed by a loquacious doctor played by the nasally-voiced Riri Kouda and her sardonic nurse assistant with an infallible joker smile (seriously, she has this uncanny ability to flawlessly mimic the Caped Crusader's arch nemesis!).

Her clinic is holding a 'Mutual Touching' examinations for interested 'couples'--and what pairs they make! For those in the know, there is quite a nefarious catch this production builds upon from previous releases with Riri Kouda in the helm. With that in mind, what happens during this bizarre series of medical examinations breaks the wall of doctor-patient decency by leaps and bounds.

The first portion of the production after each couple interview (all with English subtitles of course) involves breast examinations. The objective is to look for lumps and Doctor Kouda takes the lead while involving the male partner of each of the three cougar participants to watch on. Soon enough, she invites him to take over and this breast examination volte-faces from naive prodding to downright salacious nipple tweaking. The men surprisingly are not in the lead; they're all adults, but still naive in their ways. Doctor Kouda in her most commanding sultry tone urges them to explore and squeeze to their heart's delight. Some even experiment with their tongues!

What makes this introductory scene to the zany medicinal antics coming up later is that an audience is present. The other couples sit and watch this all happen. The final portion of the scene shows all three groups engaging in a mutual breast examinations with ample oil for a glossy finish. Moaning is eagerly encouraged by Doctor Kouda.

Only concentrating on breasts would be a travesty. All other scenes in this production are about what's going on down below. In fact, although the posted theme is about mutual touching, the focus of this salacious series of examinations is fertility. All the women taking part are in their early forties, but now with forty being the new thirty, are still quite capable of becoming pregnant and delivering without issue.

Being a medical-themed Japanese AV production, tools of the trade are used in abundance. A speculum is used multiple times along with an intravaginal camera hooked up to a monitor. It may not be erotic, but there are several minutes of actual footage from the insides of the vaginas of all three participants. What's more, since this goes beyond a visual depiction of a vagina, mosaic in these portions is mainly absent.

Around this time, play of a naughty kind saunters into the spotlight. The camera is pulled out and the fingers of Doctor Kouda or her sinister nurse take their place. Her reasoning is that this type of massage can help improve one's vaginal health. During this whole endeavour, the male companion watches on in awe and before he knows it, the nurse has stripped him bottomless and massaged his shaft to a full erection. Stealthily, fingers are replaced by a confused boner for a more thorough intravaginal massage.

Around the time an ejaculation is reached, Doctor Kouda announces to the patient that she will be inserting some special medicinal fluid. It's funny to see the reaction of the patients around now. Some announce feeling unexpected warm buildups and others remark how it feels like a lot of liquid is leaking out of them. Nakadashi--or ejaculating inside--takes center stage here and continues coming up again and again for the bulk of the production.

Without spoiling anymore, the audaciousness of Doctor's Dangerous Day Demonstration reaches fever pitch towards the end. For those familiar with Riri Kouda's other productions, sex in its basic form is rarely displayed. Here, 'weird Japanese' AV is given an unchained boost of the preternatural and it runs with it way past the horizon.

It's hard to nitpick about this title. Great overall, there are still a few flaws. First and foremost, real Japanese doctors rarely spend more than a few minutes with a patient. Insurance pays out in numbers so visiting a clinic in Japan is a revolving door experience from the practitioner's point of view. Here, Doctor Kouda and her nurse are a little bit too chummy with their patients. Granted, it's an adult video so normalcy is not what it set out to be. On the other end of the spectrum, the use of actual medical equipment such as the intravaginal camera and even an ultrasound machine was a pleasant surprise.

Sticklers to realistic sex may also be a bit peeved since not all the nakadashi scenes were authentic. One scene had a bountiful three doses of thick nakadashi featuring Mak-kun, the uncomfortably scrawny actor from the Nudist Transfer Student almost certainly used a fake penis in the finale shot as it was almost artificially long.

This was a dialog heavy production almost breaking a Zenra record with number of subtitled lines with well over 1,400 (!). Turgid with medical lexicon, this is not a title to watch without accurate English captioning unless you are a native Japanese speaker and if you are, you probably wouldn't be reading this. Enjoy Doctor's Dangerous Day Demonstration and let it serve as an end-year wish for Japan to get back on its feet with positive population growth!


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