Old Men With Japanese Schoolgirls

Sexually Curious Subtitled Bathhouse Dalliances of a Salacious Kind

Lecherous Old Men With Sexually Curious Japanese Schoolgirls
with English Subtitles

No matter what the season, it's always a good time to visit a Japanese ryokan. For those not familiar with the term, a ryokan is a traditional type of Japanese lodging facility. They are also knows as minshuku (somewhat similar to a western B&B) and some hotels with less than top-notch facilities may forgo the 'ryokan' naming and opt for a simple '-sou' (Hotel Name-sou) which usually implies a more Japanese-like lodging experience. What brings these all together are the combinations of Japanese style on-the-floor (the clean floor that is) eateries, everyone in matching yukatas, and of course, the bathhouse.

The onsen--or hot springs bath--is a staple of Japanese culture and it's a shame that it isn't that wide-spread outside of Asia. When most westerners hear the concept of everyone bathing together (segregated by sexes, but still...) with the inclusion of saunas, misdirected thoughts of hygiene and sexual confusion run amok. A good Japanese bathhouse is clean and the hot spring waters either pumped from the source below (not as common) or trucked in daily (more common) are as unsullied as they come.

Local bathhouses frequently see customers--especially older ones who live in the neighborhood--come in by themselves, but ryokans are more group-oriented. Today, groups of adult guardians and their young, schoolgirl charges form center stage. In particular, it's how these schoolgirls--quite naive in their own right--interact with strangers who may have more than simple platonic interests in their lithe bodies.

Mixed bathing at Japanese bathhouses is a rarity. Back in the day, not so much, but now you'd be very hard-pressed to find a bathhouse that still does not segregate the genders (outside of some mixed bathing onsens in resort towns that require patrons to wear bathing suits--but that defeats the purpose of 'bathing' at an onsen). However, you still see some elements of mixed bathing come into play still such as a naive schoolgirl sauntering into the male bathing area with her experienced guardian.

The first scene matches this scenario perfectly featuring the quintessential coquettish Japanese schoolgirl complete with sable hair affixed in horizontal pigtails, perky breasts, and thin pubic hair (though most likely thin due to having shaved recently). Her male chaperone helps bathe her while surprised men watch on. Nowadays, it's uncommon to see a schoolgirl with such an adult body being bathed in a bathhouse. Her chaperone ensures that her entire body is sufficiently lathered--even her 'important' areas down below.

Bathing itself starts off without issue as the schoolgirl and her guardian chitchat amongst themselves and another overly-friendly bather of an experienced age. Soon enough, her guardian exits the bath for his turn at the showers and here, the scene segues from platonic to naughty as the non-affiliated male bather sways in closer. Teasing and touching take hold and that 'innocent' schoolgirl sheds some of her paper mache modesty. Still smiling and giggling, she allows him to caress her breasts and nipples along with spreading her legs for some southern-oriented pleasure.

Things go from light foreplay to something more mutual as the Japanese schoolgirl happily returns the favor by providing him with oral sex in the middle of a crowded bathhouse. It's quite amazing that while these acts of quick passion are acted out, her guardian--bathing only about two meters away--does not notice any of it. What's even more amazing is their adult foreplay goes on for over twenty minutes and not once does he turn around! The Japanese can be very thorough when bathing at an onsen. The environment is incredibly relaxing.

Further scenes take place in a public eatery. It's hard to define this room as a proper restaurant--in fact, the final scene describes it as a 'break room'. Here, guests numbering a dozen and all unaffiliated engage in fun conversations while knoshing on the Japanese version of comfort food: yakisoba (fried noodles) and frankfurters-on-sticks. It's certainly not healthy and not what you'd expect to see at a proper ryokan (which makes this more of a '-sou'-type establishment), but it does taste great and that's what's most important.

Here, further dalliances with outgoing and sexual curious Japanese schoolgirls continue. In fact, what happens here amongst yukata clad bathhouse-goers is incredible! One instance shows a schoolgirl introduced in an earlier scene meet up with the lewd older gentleman from the bathhouse. They continue their sexual playtime right out in the open. It's hard to believe a couple both nude from the waist down going at it in such a public place goes unnoticed, but that is what actually happens. Literally two tables away from other yukata-clad bathers-turned-munchers, elements of mutual masturbation followed by oral teasing, and then actual intercourse take charge.

Overall, Lecherous Old Men and Sexually Curious Schoolgirls are about questionably naive Japanese schoolgirls--some truly innocent and other not so much--and how they interact with jovial older men. For fans of covert (or not so covert...) adult romance in public places starring mature men (affectionately called 'old men' by their young companions) and sexually innocent Japanese schoolgirls, this production is a gem to watch.

It even incorporates some humorous elements such as one schoolgirl who demands another round of sex or she'll 'tell' her guardians. This spooks the old man who obviously can't perform again in such conditions and the scene concludes with a gracile and stark naked Japanese schoolgirl sauntering out of the public bathhouse off to find her chaperones. Unfortunately, we do not get to see how that situation panned out (but we do get to see a nice rear shot of large schoolgirl buttocks swaying as she walks away), though that may have been for the best.

Like all other features at Zenra, full and exclusive English subtitles are provided. The more 'romantic' parts of each scene feature sparse dialog which is to be expected when people are huffing and puffing their way to orgasmic bliss, but the build-up and the teasing from both parties is full of casual banter from presumably naive Japanese schoolgirls and geezers looking to crumble the barriers of platonic companionship.

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