Voluptuous Private Parts Guessing Game

Crazy ENF Nudist Japanese Milf Game Show with Subtitles

Voluptuous and Perverted Private Parts Guessing Game
with English Subtitles

In some cultures, nudity has a very neutral vibe compared to its treatment in the west. On one side of the ocean, breasts and the darkness down below are almost always condoned to the realm of the erotic, but in countries such as Japan where group bathing is the norm (or was, once upon a time), it doesn't hold true. Seeing each other naked--especially when you spend your days in such tight quarters--is more of a common occurrence that does little to invoke sexual arousal. However, even the most innocent peaks at the flesh of the opposite sex under certain bizarre conditions can muster strange emotions. Japan, the country known for a whole mess of 'weird things' that are too numerous to list also has carved a niche with its never-ending series of bizarre game shows. You've almost certainly have seen them online or on the tube and they've almost certainly have left you scratching your head wondering 'why...?' Well, that's the mindset you'll need for today's production as the nation's most watched and least talked about game show returns for another special.

Now, let's welcome back the Perverted Private Parts Guessing Game with an extra special edition focusing on voluptuous and older Japanese women and their sprightly college-aged male companions!

Carefully taking a few steps back on the love-juice speckled studio floor used in the previous iteration of the Private Parts Guessing Game, a full view of the cozy game show studio can be taken in: featuring one rectangular panel with caricatures of three female bodies complete with slide-out panels in the breast and nether regions all against a stark white backdrop, the hint of hygienic yet ribald fun that's soon to come is apparent.

Enter the game show host clad in a beet red happi (happi being the type of light silk--or polyester--jacket worn during traditional Japanese events and strangely by electronic store salespeople) with a caterwaul'able voice that is amazingly held at bay for almost the entirety of the production. Riri Kouda has what's known as a formidable stage presence. It's her keen eye for proper direction that keeps the wheels of this nefariously bizarre Japanese game show with an unusual CMNF ENF nudist vibe on track.

Starting with the introductions of the three groups of Japanese contestants, hints of the naughtiness to follow becomes quite real. Each older woman features an hourglass figure with an extra large chest whereas their male charges are--for a better word--standard otakus. They are nothing to write home about and that's a good thing as it allows you, the viewer, to focus on the three voluptuous Japanese cougars who are the true stars of the game show.

There is no midway point between the three voluptuous Japanese women stripping down and sensually waltzing in the nude behind the body identification panels. Those hoping for a shy and embarrassed striptease will be letdown. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing or a snafu on account of production. The quick transition between clothed interviews and CMNF nudism behind the panels further enhances the non-sexual aspect of the human body which is a key element in the theme of innocence that is a focal point of this bizarre Japanese game show.

Innocence is only held briefly because as soon as the panels hiding the breasts are withdrawn, sexuality becomes quite febrile. Aside from a quick perusal by all three men at the same time, each of the three scenes features one of the young college students along with the three ENF Japanese milfs. The other two men anxiously wait their turn in the off-camera green room doing gosh knows what.

The rules are simple: if you correctly identify the private parts of the woman you came in with, you'll both be frisked away to Waikiki, Hawai`i for a five day vacation with all expenses paid. Not bad for forty five minutes of staring at naked bodies, eh?

What makes the game so sumptuously fun to watch (and certainly play!) are the methods used to identify the nude body of your companion. First, breasts are revealed and the sight of three sets of extra large Japanese cougar breasts hanging side by side out and open for the touching (and licking) will be etched in the memory of any viewer for the rest of his days. Here, the sole male challenger is invited to first touch them and then lick them to his heart's content as that's the only way to accurately guess whom they belong to. One contestant actually takes out a ruler to measure nipples and areolas (measurements are provided both in centimeters and inches).

Soon enough, the bottom panel is withdrawn allowing the contestant to inspect the vaginas and pubic hair of the three nude Japanese women. One is quite shaved with the tiniest of patches surrounding her cleft whereas the other two feature a more 'natural' treatment. Those preferring women totally shaved may be a little let-down, but it'd be a shame to forgo the rest of this zany production due to that minuscule detail of body hair sculpting.

One of the neat tidbits of this production are the moments where a split-screen is employed. One example shows a male contestant eagerly gnoshing on one set of large Japanese breasts while squeezing another while the split screen filmed from behind the panel shows the nudist Japanese cougars all with arms crossed behind them talking amongst themselves about how unexpectedly good this feels. Later on when all three cougars have their butts facing outward, a lucky male contestant begins having intercourse with each one and they all try to pretend that they're simply being 'massaged' rather than engaging in all out sex. Their 'private' conversations add a fun dose of humor to an already eyebrow-raising game show.

Giving an exact scene by scene rundown of what exactly goes on during the more advanced private part identification rounds will fill up your screen more text than is truly necessary to appreciate the absolute prurient take on debauchery that occurs during this two and a half hour long production. Instead, highlights will be provided:

Titjobs via three sets of extra large breasts followed by a unique triple blowjob where two mouths work the shaft and a third sucks on testicles start the advanced private parts identification process and that's the most tame of what's soon to come. One contestant while blindfolded ends up having extremely passionate sex with the lithe yet busty cougar he came in with (his crush of many years whom he'd never had a chance to make love to until now).

Towards the end of this nudist Japanese game show, the legs holding up reality start to wobble as a male challenger rests nude in a tomb-like box with a glory hole for his erection to stick out of as each of the three milfs take turns mounting him. Now, just when you think things couldn't become even stranger, this Egyptian mummy with an erection take on guess the private parts ends with an accidental ejaculation into the wrong slit. Rather than end the round here with some banter about making a 'mistake', one of the quick-thinking busty cougars instructs her sopping-wet-with-semen friend to rest on all fours with exposed butt in the air so she can siphon--yes SIPHON--out his ejaculate. She then places her mouth directly on the reddened post-coitus womanhood of her aroused friend and begins to suck out as much sperm as she can. What makes this truly bizarre is that's it's performed in a non-sexual way. You'll have to see it to believe it, but trust me, your jaw will drop.

Those legs holding up of reality mentioned before soundly collapse into oblivion when all three stark naked Japanese milfs rest with butts up in the air and feet contorted to the opposite sides of their faces leaving them insanely exposed. While maintaining this position, the final contestant is offered to have his way with all three, but required to ejaculate not once, but three times in order to win that vacation to Hawai`i.

The Voluptuous and Perverted Private Parts Guessing Game is the second iteration of this immensely heterodox and weird Japanese game show featured on Zenra. It's by far one of the stranger productions out there and it's take on 'romance' is sure to lead to more questions than answers. For those who love seeing curvy, nudist Japanese women with extra large breasts (a rarity in Japan), this one's for you. For fans of the nascent ENF and CMNF (embarrassed naked female and clothed male naked female) genres, this one's also for you. For those who are devout fans of clothing-less nudist productions, this one's got you covered.

And of course, for fans of actually knowing what goes on during a dialog-intense Japanese game show like this, you're set as full and exclusive English subtitles are provided for the entirety of this 150 minute production. You will never be in the dark as to the comings and goings of one of the most bizarre game shows ever to grace the small screen. The Voluptuous and Perverted Private Parts Guessing Game is a must-see for everyone.

Oh, and by the way, a lesbian version is on the way.

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