Surprise Discovery of Sexually Naive Erections

Experienced Japanese Milfs and Cougars Accidental Erotic Awakenings with Subtitles

Matrons Surprise Discovery of Sexually Naive Erections
with English Subtitles

In natural circumstances, extraordinary situations that boggle one's imagination are aught to occur. It's almost improbable what natural chance and a good bit of luck can do to people with so pure a thought process doing something that becomes so truly naughty. Today, preternatural 'miracles' of happenstance involving sexually naive men with slightly more experienced older Japanese women--matrons or milfs--occurs in scenes numbering three. Luck plays a part, but it's not everything.

Near miracles--or true miracles if you read the prompt (provided with English subtitles)--are the crux of this truly unique Japanese production that shows that love can, uh, always find a way. Innocence also plays an important part as the actions of the men are always shown to be stemmed more out of lambent curiosity than carnal naughtiness. Their female counterparts, though, surely have an inkling of what's going in as their reactions are more of a raunchy combination of surprise and pleasure.

Centered in a bathhouse that some of you may have seen quite recently in another AV production involving a large-breasted Japanese AV star, the first scene commences with a fun-filled soapy happening that quickly volte-faces into something licentious: a truly joyous Japanese man slight of stature but not letting it get in the way has a ball with liquid body soap as he frantically pushes pump after pump of it all over the increasingly slippery floor before doing the most fun thing in the world--at least to him--sliding around. He continues his slipping and sliding (mostly the latter) in spite of being scolded by an equally nude Japanese matron looking after him. She eventually musters up enough ire to sit up, walk over, and...

...embarrassingly, she then slips. The heavens looked down with a prurient sense of humor as she spread eagles her way right into the waiting and equally spread form of her male charge with confused member pointed straight out inching slowly towards her equally wet (from bathing perhaps?) womanhood. Predictably but still surprisingly, they connect as he smoothly enters her leading to a unique situation.

Sensuality exits the room and is replaced by bewilderment, yet her male charge barely takes note of the increased pressure and sense of warmness surrounding his erection (and even that is not something he pays much attention to) and continues sliding back and forth across the slick floor. Their entrance to this indecent union is anything but planned--predetermined by the fates perhaps--yet the way she handles it speaks of years of want that her husband almost certainly never felt like providing. In other words, their lovemaking begins with a surprise, but continues with fierce determination and passion all conducted by the increasingly amorous Japanese milf.

Two more scenes follow featuring similar themes of sexual miracles. The first of the latter half is all about living out one's nocturnal fantasies due to a less than stellar living arrangement. When the husband of one Japanese matron watches--yes watches and nothing else--AV all day after work even when her younger charge is up, problems and conflicts are bound to arise.

One night, said matron decides for some unexplained reason to go to bed bottomless in a bedroom shared by her husband and male charge. Soon enough, with exposed rear inches away from an increasingly apparent stiffness, another miracle akin to the spread-eagle bathhouse romp from earlier occurs. This time, the key word is covert as being too passionate with the motions of lust may lead to dire results if the man of the house takes notice. Licks are given, poles are sucked, and slick entrances followed by pumping exits are made through a gamut of positions leading both parties near breathless in their urgency though one lacks any experience at all and the latter possesses too much.

The most bizarre of the miracle trio makes the final scene. Taking place on a park set-piece used in many, many AV productions features a matronly Japanese woman in a devilishly short skirt walking a bicycle for two with a cart full of groceries. Her male charge complete in an old-fashioned school uniform is playing his 'Penis' game which consists simply of him shouting 'Penis!' while sticking a finger through the opened zipper of his pants. It's innocence--misguided innocence however.

A quick bathroom visit leaves her charge on his own and while his milf guardian is gone, he expands further on the 'Penis!' game by using his actual member. Unfortunately, guile and suaveness are traits still lacking and he is unable to put away his erect member in time. To make matters even more fraught, while in the bathroom, his matronly guardian decided to get rid of her underwear due to a surprise early appearance by her monthly visitor leaving her bottomless.

'Get on the bicycle and hold tight against me,' cautions the matron as her joyous yet cautious charge with bobbing erection (currently hidden by his over-sized school hat) mounts the bicycle. At the last possible moment, he puts the hat back on and leans in up against his guardian...and then just as before, the screen flickers to black and announces 'and then a miracle happened...'

The fates must have looked down proudly on lucky Tomi-chan as his penis was in the perfect angle to penetrate and that he does going by the surprised look on his guardian's face. Moaning, she begins pedaling around the park in one of the strangest visual displays of public affection ever recorded: imagine a bottomless Japanese milf riding a beet red bicycle stuffed with groceries in the front and an over-sized male student complete in archaic uniform circa 'the good old days' (as the current generation of Japanese geriatrics refers to them) pumps with unchained abandon into and out of her surprisingly wet entrance. She even makes a round past a group of relaxing park people including one who caterwauls in shock at the weird sight of public lovemaking.

Matrons' Surprise Discover of Sexually Naive Erections is a lot to swallow both for you, the viewer, and well, the matrons themselves. This is certainly more than three tales of older (but not that old) Japanese women with experience spreading their joy of passion to those considerably younger than them. Each of the three scenes shows how and why this unexpected and intensely surprising series of fortunate occurrences came to be. A title with this storyline focuses on lovemaking which is quite the norm in AV, but does so under the umbrella of wonder. Sex does happen and it's enjoyable for both parties, but what makes this a great title are the conflicting emotions surrounding the most pleasurable of acts. With full English subtitles, sit back and enjoy as the fully fleshed out storylines of wonderful miracles come to life.

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