I Will Do Anything To Be An Idol

Dreamy Japanese Schoolgirls in Bedevilling Situations with Subtitles

I Will Do Anything To Be An Idol
with English Subtitles

In recent years thanks to the extreme and quite unconventional success that the girls-next-door from Akihabara--a.k.a. AKB48--have enjoyed, the time-honored Japanese idol is back in vogue. For those not familiar with the Japanese media conglomerate, most TV shows consist of 'talents'--generally people who are famous no apparent reason and generally disappear from the spotlight after a few months. Some are funny, some have comedy backgrounds, and most if not all rely on some variation of one-dimensional gag humor that quickly dulls faster than a dollar store kitchen utensil.

Idols are sort of like talents. The key word here is 'sort of' as their road to stardom begins quite differently and one's physical appearance is critical. If you search for any pictures of the aforementioned AKB48, you'll see a gargantuan gaggle of cute--but not incredibly beautiful--young Japanese women. AKB48's shtick is recruiting girls who look like they could have been that cute classmate of yours back when you were in school. They look real. They look approachable. This type of casual cuteness is what's in vogue at the moment (though it faces turbulent waters with the continuing ebbing and flowing of the Korean boom which focuses strongly on the nearly unobtainable without plastic surgery sexiness).

Idols--unlike talents--usually begin their burgeoning careers with print media as magazine models that pose in swimsuits, revealing clothes, and sometimes nothing at all! However, going the nude route as an idol may put one on the fast track to participating in the more adult-side of the Japanese media industry that is very much featured on Zenra. An idol's ultimate goal is to be a Jane-of-all trades.

Aki Hoshino is the best example of this having dabbled in everything from modeling in print, being a TV personality, and even some real acting (with questionable results). It's a tough gig to score and the initial road to success is filled with hordes of equal-minded raven-haired coquettes all wanting to show the nation how beautiful, cute, and vivacious they are.

Becoming an idol is a call that some in Japan can't let go and some will go at extreme lengths to ensure their success. Some will do *anything* to become an idol.


Today, focus is shown on three prospective fresh out of high school Japanese women and their attempts to guarantee their success in upcoming idol auditions. Each young woman is accompanied by an older female guardian as they attend a photoshoot, an acting class, and a very hands on massage respectfully. In each of the three scenes, things start out normally, but quickly transcend into the lascivious with an ample dose of risk and covert naughtiness due to a well-placed partition.

The photoshoot stars a very innocent-looking post-schoolgirl with a plump face surrounded by carefully layered sheets of silky black hair. This is her first photoshoot ever and its success determines how she'll be accepted into the already packed Japanese idol community. On top of that, there's the wishes of her older guardian.

One of the things that adds so much pressure to the three Japanese idols-in-training is the desires of their older guardians. All have mentioned during the early portions of each scene that they so wished to have been an idol during the previous idol boom in Japan's bubbly eighties, but never had the chance. Thus, on top of the pressures of being the at-times scantily clad center of attention, they also bear the burden of not letting their elders down.

Returning to the photoshoot, things start off okay. A swimsuit clad idol hopefully poses as per the folicly-challenged cameraman's (who shows his age by still using a National-branded camera in spite of them changing names decades ago) instructions, but the results are anything but stellar. His initial hand motions from afar gradually become more and more intimate as he begins to touch her to get her into position. Soon enough, his light touching becomes outright caressing and caressing eventually leads to fondling.

What soon happens takes risky lovemaking to a whole new level as the older guardian waits patiently only a few meters away. Throughout their impromptu physical love affair, the cameraman still finds time to snap shots while conversing not only with her, but with her guardian about how well she is doing and how sure he is of her prospects in the tough world of being a Japanese idol.

The trend of normalcy quickly followed by naughtiness continues with the next two scenes. First, there's the acting lesson that focuses on bringing out one's true emotions: sorrow, ire, and love. Although the idol's results for sorrow and ire were lackluster, the acting coach finds she needs the most work with love and a quick scenario of a confessional love scene that ends with a passionate kiss is worked in.

That passionate kiss transcends to ample breast-squeezing--all in the name of acting mind you...or so the coach says--before unchained coitus unfolds while her guardian patiently waits behind the half-height divider. Major props are given to the acting teacher in this scene as he truly meets the definition of reckless and relentless. From beginning to end, he's a dominant force without a shred of masochistic tendencies. 'This is for the art, for the performance' is his repeated mantra as he takes his prospective idol-in-training from behind before emptying his seed onto the carpeted floor (and that'll never come out!).

Finally, we arrive at the full body massage. In some regards, this is quite similar to the schoolgirl oil massage series showcased in the past on Zenra, but the addition of the partition leads to new level of salaciousness. In fact, disaster almost strikes when the inquisitive guardian strolls past the divider to discover her idol charge wearing nothing but a skin-colored thong with oiled butt up in the air. The massage therapist quickly comments on how flexible women of her age are and the guardian--who so desired to become an idol in her halcyon days--agreed before returning to her seat.

The massage quickly becomes more and more amorous as clothing from both parties is removed. Soon enough, powerful and quite audible hip-thumping intercourse commences. During their lovemaking, the older guardian comments from the other side of the partition about how aggressive the masseur's technique is and she'd also like to schedule a session with him later if the results are that impressive. Shortly after, he explodes all over the exposed chest of this soon to be Japanese idol whom so very much desires success no matter how bumpy the road to get there may be.

I Will Do Anything To Be An Idol follows the popular trend of extreme embarrassment along with first time experiences of passion. Becoming a Japanese idol is immensely challenging and the pay isn't even that great until you reach the upper echelons of popularity that so few ever do. The desire to use one's nature-given genetics along with bounteous doses of chirpiness stacked onto a cute demeanor is shared by many and the three Japanese idol-hopefuls shown in today's production along with their at-times pushy older guardians is unmatched. Each of the three scenes features real techniques: the photoshoot uses a proper studio and lighting along with professional cameras, the acting lesson features vocal projection methods that really are employed, and the massage features...well, lots of massage oil and some curious yet visually appealing stretching.

All three prospective Japanese idols are quite cute and the inclusion of their covert and impromptu sexual training gives them that lambent flush-faced hue that goes hand in hand with sable hair and otherwise pale skin. The trials and tribulations with both staff members and guardians really sets the scene and would be a shame to view without the inclusion of full English subtitles. Having the ability to understand what these Japanese idols--soon to be idols mind you--so truly aim for turns this into a thrilling example of fast-paced erotic romance performed under unusual circumstances.

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