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Japanese Schoolgirl Sensual Oil Massage
Part One with English Subtitles

Japanese schoolgirls are ruled by the stern iron fist known as peer pressure--even more so than their western counterparts. You see, the life of an average schoolgirl in Japan (or any student really) is heavily regulated: school uniforms are a given along with needing to take part in some type of after-school club activity else be stigmatized as the weirdo belonging to the infamous 'go-home club' aka 'kitaku-bu'. If your friends engage in a new fad, you're also going to take part no matter how much of a financial time-sink it may appear else you'll stick out in all the worst of ways. Now, what if your friends were into skin care? That's pretty normal actually anywhere in the world, but what if they went above and beyond the norm and frequented an interesting massage clinic and were all flush-faced when asked about the results? Now we're onto something.

Sensual Massages for Japanese Schoolgirls has been visited earlier in Zenra's history and returns once again because frankly, schoolgirls do things in groups and the larger and more diverse the group, the better. Today, we see five relatively bashful and reserved Japanese schoolgirls drag their older, matronly guardians with them to that unique massage clinic run by a close-knit collection of friendly male staff for a supernally sensual holistic experience of the utmost cloyness.

Each of the five scenes begins and concludes with an interview portion taking place in the counseling room. We see a smiling, shy Japanese schoolgirl still in uniform consisting of a solid-colored top clashing with a plaid skirt worn several inches higher than school regulation sitting next to her cheerful guardian. The male receptionist soon enters and engages in questionnaire-themed banter about what each schoolgirl client wants to see out of the massage followed by asking if they know about their special 25% off sale.

Discounts are always desired by anyone and saving 25% off a massage that surely costs a pretty penny is quite a bargain and interest by both schoolgirl and guardian are piqued. Of course, there is no such thing as a free lunch and to take advantage of this very unique offer, a catch is involved: the massage clinic is expanding and needs training material for new hires. Thus, they wish to film their clients while receiving treatment.

'Of course, we will not film any private areas like the butt, chest, and face so please have no worries.' The receptionist makes his point and both schoolgirls and guardians oblige as a hint of carnal avarice is on everyone's mind--especially the guardian who almost certainly is footing the bill.

After each initial interview, we migrate to the actual massage treatment room where a demure Japanese schoolgirl is instructed to rest on the massage bed sometimes prone and other-times supine by a decently-built male massage therapist. This production features two: one with hair strangely out of place since the 80's and early 90's in the form of a parted mushroom cut and a high-pitched voice almost squeaky in nature and the other a bit more brusque with glasses and powerful arms that mean business. The first few minutes of each massage feature the schoolgirl's guardian watching on as the massage therapist performs his initial look-over to identify any issues that might arise during the main portion of the treatment, the sensual oil massage.

After the initial physical screening is out of the way, the guardian is requested to return to the counseling room for the rest of the session. Once farewells are exchanged and she leaves the room, the real massage begins--the one that you at home are surely waiting for. Akin to the initial look-over massage, the guardian-less massage continues with light rubbing and stretching but soon enough, the burly and experienced hands of the masseuse peregrinate southwards and we soon see them kneading fresh and exposed Japanese schoolgirl buttocks as her skirt was ever so suavely hiked up.

At this point, most schoolgirls mention that they're in quite an embarrassing position having their panties exposed and all, but the massage therapist uses well-experienced acumen to quickly counter by mentioning that there's nothing to worry about. 'This is normal for my job and all customers are treated like this' is a phrase that is mentioned repeatedly during the production when the Japanese schoolgirl clients are put into even more embarrassing positions along with less and less layers of modesty at their disposal.

With the post-guardian rubdown concluded, the massage therapist instructs his Japanese schoolgirl client to change into a tiny pair of sheer panties for the oil massage. His reasoning is that he rather not end up dirtying her uniform. We follow the shy schoolgirl from the treatment room to a locker room where we're given a quick preview of what's to come as she strips out of her uniform and then slides the provided panties on followed by covering up with a bathrobe. 'These are just crappy dollar store panties', grumbles one schoolgirl before stripping nude and preparing for the erotic massage soon to come.

The main portion of each of the five scenes consists of the sensual oil massage. Already instructed to partially disrobe, each Japanese schoolgirl quickly finds herself with chest almost fully exposed and skilled male hands rubbing warm oil everywhere. It's hard to really call this a massage and not just a rub-down. Even basic Shiatsu techniques seem ignored and groping and kneading of soft breasts happens right away. It isn't long before hands start tweaking nipples leading a confused, yet moaning schoolgirl with legs squeezed tight not out of shyness, but to increase the pleasure. Combinations of 'is it normal to massage my chest like this?' are always countered with variations of 'yes, this is a standard technique that is performed on all clients.' These male massage therapists sure have their game plan down solid.

Bit by bit, each shy yet very visibly aroused Japanese schoolgirl is eased out of her bathrobe and ounce by ounce, more massage oil is liberally squirted over her entire body with extra focus on erogenous zones. It isn't long before we see a spread legged supine Japanese schoolgirl with breasts capped by pointy nipples moaning in bliss as her most tender womanly bits are given an 'internal' massage. It's almost humorous that this is generally the time the previously introduced receptionist strolls in with camera in tow to begin filming (remember that 25% off sale?).

Another quirky feature is the on-and-off picture in picture of the schoolgirl's guardian. While casually browsing an assortment of magazines in the reception room, her charge is stark naked with exposed butt in the air being fingered and massaged in the most indecent of ways. It's quite a contrast and if the guardian actually saw what was happening in the treatment room, the level of surprise would reach fever pitch. In fact, it would be even more bizarre if in a future release from this series, the guardian remained in the treatment room and watched on while her Japanese schoolgirl charged was given an erotic naked massage. The story could be that this is the only type of 'massage' the guardian knows about and it's not 'sexual' as it's been performed by a skilled operator (historically speaking, vibrators were actually used initially in a medical setting as a way to temporarily cure female 'hysteria'). That'd be much appreciated for the sake of keeping things fresh and downright preternatural.

Although Japanese Schoolgirl Sensual Oil Massage doesn't break any new ground, it's still fun to watch. The same general positions--including the coitus-themed conclusion to most scenes--are there, but it'd be nice if the plot was expanded in some way. As mentioned above, it'd be a two-birds with one-stone approach if we saw the guardians in the same room as the oiled up and fingered schoolgirls. Or even better would be to see them receive treatment right after turning this into a schoolgirl and milf-themed production with heavy doses of ENF and CMNF embarrassment. Even without this, it's still a great production to watch for fans of glistening oil massages given to highly aroused stark naked Japanese schoolgirls. Like all other recent features at Zenra, full and exclusive English subtitles are provided. Understanding the pre- and post-interviews along with the actual oil massage sessions turn this into a very salacious holistic experience.

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Japanese Schoolgirl Sensual Oil Massage
Part Two with English Subtitles

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