Private Parts Guessing Game

Voluptuous Nudist Japanese Wives Dive into Crazy with Subtitles

Private Parts Guessing Game
~Voluptuous Wives Edition~
with English Subtitles

In most cases, Japanese game shows go well beyond anything imaginable into a realm of total preternatural oddness that leaves most slack-jawed, but wanting to see more. Now some shows stick to the script with fun pieces of trivia intermixed with clever jokes from up-and-coming fifteen-minutes-of-famers aka 'talents', while others--especially those that focus on the more ribald side of things--do things quite differently. Commingling of close-knit neighbors in strange nudist relationships is something that'd never be seen on regular TV. Even if some type of game show focusing on the stranger sides of erotic relationships made its way to the wide public viewing audience, it'd be neutered down by funky jokes mixed with obstructing gags up the yin yang. So what would happen if some type of weird and bizarre game show came to fruition that indeed focused on the taboo topic of nudist body checks of those held dear to us? Take a seat and stay tuned.

New viewers may be unaware that sexual non-sexual has been a long-term trend on Zenra. These type of productions focus on very obvious sexual things—for example, services such as penis washing--that are done under the umbrella of holistic health and relaxation. Today's production can be considered an extreme fork of this well-trodden path. The key word today is innocence. Although this very strange game show is erotic in nature, it's acted out under the guise of exploration and wonder rather than the hardcore.

Casually, the picture comes into focus and we're greeted by a chirpy host announcing it's time for another round of the (infamous) Private Parts Guessing Game (!). 'Today is an extra special version', she bellows, 'that will only focus on pale-skinned women with large breasts and the winners will be awarded a Hawaiian vacation!' On-screen we see six cardboard cutouts grouped into 'wives' and 'neighbor schoolgirl' of cartoonishly drawn naked women of voluptuous nature. Soon enough, the supplementary panels hiding breasts and vagina are drawn back with a curtain keeping their faces covered.

Each round features a Japanese husband challenger such as an older Japanese man in a standard salaryman suit shown dutifully examining each pair of breasts in the 'wife' category attempting to figure out which belongs to his actual wife. The objective of this game, you see, is to correctly identify your wife and schoolgirl next door. Those that successfully complete this lewd objective win that desired vacation. The hostess, clad in a beet red long-sleeved jacket based off a traditional Japanese happi often worn by those assigned to the lovely task of passing tissue-flyers to busy people in busy train stations, encourages the husband, Nouse-san in today's episode, to inspect not only with his hands, but also with tongue.

Soon enough, he is heartily licking away at all three pairs of large breasts while the three stark naked Japanese wives behind the cardboard cutouts desperately try to stifle their moaning. Before an accidental orgasm is brought about, our hostess instructs Nouse-san to move to the 'schoolgirls' to attempt the same with the added bonus of using an idle hand to explore--or create in some instances--the wetness down south.

The kicker of this crazy Japanese game is that while Nouse-san pleasures a pair of very well-formed Japanese breasts belonging to someone two decades younger than his wife, the host informs him of the salacious way he needs to make his claim: his penis will be the decider as to whether the young Japanese women behind the cutout is or isn't the schoolgirl next door. Quickly stripped from the waist down with surprisingly big member on display, he slowly guides in as--you guessed it!--the schoolgirl begins moaning. It's at this precise and ill-timed moment that his wife--now full of ire--walks out from behind the 'wives' cutout still in her birthday suit and scolds him.

'It feels too good!', he exclaims while pounding away in a very strange upright position. Having intercourse through these cardboard cutouts is a visual treat for those watching at home, but it comes off more as a puritanical form of procreation than pleasurable physical romance for the husband and caterwauling stark naked schoolgirl.

Nouse-san's folly is only one sliver of what goes on in one of the most bizarre game-themed productions ever to grace Zenra. In one go, it manages to combine fun-filled nudism with voluptuous Japanese wives, ample-breasted schoolgirls, sexual innocence, and a very attractive hostess who says all the right things. Although those who judge harshly on infidelity may say otherwise, the Private Parts Guessing Game is a sure hit.

In situations where a fantastic vacation for three to Hawai`i is up for grabs, anything goes. Nudism featuring six very curvy and large-breasted Japanese women all with desirable pale skin are the stars of the game and it's up to their aroused husbands to figure out who's who by closely examining their private parts. Can they guess correctly or will Nouse-san's folly be a regular occurrence? English subtitles are provided in full for this *very* dialog-heavy production featuring nearly non-stop goading from the hostess and pre-game interviews with contestants. Subtitles in a situation like these are crucial to really understand both the embarrassments and ire that the nudist Japanese wives possess. Taboo by nature, the Private Parts Guessing Game brings on heterodoxy's game face.

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